Melania Trump Visits Slave Fort In Ghana

During the second day of her trip to Africa, American First Lady Melania Trump made a visit to a former slave fort in Ghana, as reported by the BBC.

“Dungeon is really something that people should see and experience,” said Trump of her experience at the fort. “What happened so many years ago is really a tragedy”.

The Cape Coast Castle was used during the 17th century, where people were kept naked and chained while they waited to be shipped away as slaves. The outpost’s original use was as a trading post for items such as gold and timber but eventually became the dark memory it is today, where people were kidnapped and exchanged for items such as guns and alcohol. It holds great significance for Americans, as it is looked at as the starting point of African-American history.

The first lady’s trip to Africa will include visits to the nations of Kenya, Malawi, and Egypt, which is in the promotion of children’s welfare.

President Donald Trump has yet to make a visit to the continent of Africa since he was elected to the role. Back in February, he made waves for his negative comments about some African countries, using the phrase “s***hole” as a description.

Many analysts have suggested that the visit by the First Lady was an effort to begin healing the division between America and the African countries during her week-long visit.

On Wednesday, Trump also paid a visit to the area’s local traditional ruler, Osabarimba Kwesi Atta II. The meeting was held at the Obama Hall, which has been named after former American President Barack Obama.

Obama, who was the first African-American president, visited the same site in 2009 with the former First Lady Michelle as well as his two daughters. He spoke of it as a reminder of the suffering by the victims of the slave trade as well as the capability of the atrocity committed by those in control.

Trump was emotional upon the completion of her visit to the slave fort, saying, “It’s very emotional. I will never forget [the] incredible experience and the stories that I heard.”

On Tuesday, Trump visited Ghana’s capital of Accra, where she and the First Lady of Ghana Rebecca Akufo-Addo made a trip to the city’s Ridge Hospital. As part of a project to encourage nutrition in children by the American government’s foreign aid organization, USAid, Trump observed several babies being weighed.

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