‘Cookie Monster’ Sought In Theft Of Giant Cookie Sculpture

The Cookie Monster is in trouble over the theft of a giant cookie sculpture in Germany.

Police say that someone dressed like the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street has sent a ransom letter regarding the stolen sculpture.

The bronze cookie was part of a statue outside German cookie baker Bahlsen’s office in Hanover, reports The Huffington Post. The item was reported stolen last month.

A local newspaper received a picture of someone dressed like the blue cookie-loving children’s character on Monday. The picture showed the Sesame Street character holding the stolen cookie, pretending to take a bite out of it.

Another ransom letter was sent earlier, demanding that cookies be sent to children at a city hospital. While the picture is certainly strange, police aren’t positive that the costumed person is the same one who stole the 44-pound, century-old sculpture.

The Telegraph notes that the Cookie Monster theft became internationally famous after the second letter was sent out. The stolen cookie was found on Tuesday hanging from a statue of a rearing horse outside Hanover’s Leibniz University.

German crime scene detectives arrived at the scene and used rubber gloves and a fire brigade ladder to retrieve the bronze cookie.

Werner Bahlsen, the chief executive of the cookie company, promised to donate 52,000 biscuit packets to 52 different organizations should the giant cookie return unscathed. The second letter promised to return the sculpture because Werner Bahlsen was “crying because he misses it so much.”

There is no word on when (or if) they will catch the Cookie Monster thief.

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