A Michigan Cheerleader Allegedly Gave Her Classmates Pot Brownies In Exchange For Votes For Homecoming Queen

A Michigan cheerleader is in hot water after she allegedly tried to bribe her classmates with marijuana-infused brownies in exchange for votes for Homecoming Queen, WXMI-TV (Grand Rapids) is reporting.

Being named Homecoming Queen is a “high” honor, but the teenager, whose identity has not been revealed because she is a minor, is likely rethinking her plan to get votes. That’s because her plan “went to pot” when a narc called the cops on the Hartford Police Department’s tip line.

Here’s what happened. Members of the football team say they received goody bags from the teenager during Homecoming Week in a plea to win votes. It’s not clear what all was in the goody bags, but the one thing that was in there that got the attention of the cops was the marijuana-laced brownies contained in many of the bags.

Authorities believe that the young lass brought at least 12 pot brownies to school and gave them out. Three of them have been recovered and are in a police crime lab awaiting testing. The other nine are unaccounted for, probably eaten by the recipients.

Michael Prince, a spokesperson for the Hartford Police Department, says that he’s never heard of anything like this.

“I’ve read about things across this country. It has not happened with anything that I know of in this area. I’ve been an officer a long time, and whenever you think you’ve heard it all, something just about daily comes up, like, ‘Wow.'”

The suspect is currently out of the state with her family, but the police will certainly want a word with her when she gets back.

Meanwhile, Prince is suggesting that parents who suspect their kids may have eaten the pot-laced brownies get them drug tested and even treated medically.

“I think they need to talk to their children that are students, and if they think that they could possibly been involved, then take them to the hospital and get them tested.”

Unfortunately for the teenage suspect, this rises well above the level of a harmless prank. Though consuming marijuana is mostly harmless (although some users may have an unpleasant reaction), giving someone a drug without their knowledge is an act of assault. What’s more, handing out drugs at a public school is a felony. The would-be Homecoming Queen may very well be looking at a jail sentence.

As of this writing, it’s not clear how or where the teenager got the marijuana to make the edibles, or if she allegedly used premade edible pot brownies. Medical marijuana is legal in Michigan, and such things can be purchased at dispensaries all over the state by adults over 21 with a medical marijuana card.

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