Trump Tweets That ‘Voters Are Really Angry’ Over How Brett Kavanaugh Is Being Treated — Is He Right?

President Donald Trump sent out a tweet on Wednesday morning decrying Democrats for their opposition to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court.

Trump seemed to be sending a warning to Democrats, pointing out that their opposition to his nominee for the High Court could hurt them in the upcoming midterm elections.

“I see it each time I go out to Rallies in order to help some of our great Republican candidates,” the president wrote on Twitter. Then, in capital letters, he added, “VOTERS ARE REALLY ANGRY AT THE VICIOUS AND DESPICABLE WAY DEMOCRATS ARE TREATING BRETT KAVANAUGH!”

Trump closed out his tweet by saying that Kavanaugh “and his wonderful family deserve much better.”

Trump’s tweet came the following morning after a campaign rally in Mississippi. During that event, the president seemed at times to mock Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault when the two were teenagers. He also took aim at the #MeToo movement and suggested that America was becoming a fearful place for boys and young men to live in because of the movement’s aims.

“It’s a damn sad situation, okay?” Trump said, per the previous reporting from Inquisitr. “And we better start as a country getting smart, and getting tough.”

But are Trump’s warnings to Democrats accurate? It turns out that most Americans would actually prefer the Senate not confirm Kavanaugh, according to recent polling data from Quinnipiac University released earlier this week.

Just 42 percent of Americans want to see Kavanaugh appointed to the Supreme Court. A higher count, 48 percent, would rather see his confirmation fail when the full Senate votes on the issue, which could come later this week following the conclusion of an FBI investigation into the allegations made against him.

The opposition to Kavanaugh is even stronger among women. A majority, 55 percent, say they would not like to see the nominee become a justice. Only 37 percent are supportive of his nomination.

Americans weren’t exactly warm to Trump’s nominee from the start. On September 10, before accusations from Ford and two other women (Deborah Ramirez, who went to Yale with Kavanaugh and also alleges unwanted sexual advances, and Julie Swetnick, who alleges she attended high school parties with him where he “spiked” the punch hoping to get young women drunk), only 41 percent of Americans were supportive of Kavanaugh’s nomination. Forty-two percent were opposed, and 17 percent were unsure at the time.

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