Meghan Markle Will Be Learning Royal Protocol During Her First Official Trip

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will soon embark on an official trip away from England, but this is no vacation. While traveling with her husband, the Duchess of Sussex will be surrounded by aides to teach her the proper protocol for every event and stop on the tour. She’ll be advised on every aspect of the trip, including what to wear.

A team of people will be traveling with Prince Harry and Meghan to prepare her for every single formal event on the itinerary.

“She is a working royal with roles and responsibilities to fulfill on behalf of the family. In order to show respect to the people she is meeting she will be briefed ahead of each event,” said royal family expert Myka Meier, as reported by Cosmopolitan.

Markle’s team will advise her on how to greet people, what to wear and which topics she should talk about. Royals often embrace local customs and clothing while visiting, so Meghan and Harry are likely to do the same during their well-publicized trip.

Meghan will also be told how to greet world leaders and other officials, and will be made aware of particular religious, cultural, or political sensitivities she needs to know about. The trip will be a well-organized work event. As this is Meghan Markle’s first official royal trip, everyone will be watching around the world.

Meghan and Harry will travel to Australia, New Zealand, the Kingdom of Tonga, and Fiji, according to Travel and Leisure.

But before they leave the country, Meghan and Harry will make a stop in Sussex on Wednesday, according to Express. They are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, so this will be a special visit. This is their first official visit to Sussex since their May wedding.

On their first stop in Sussex, Meghan will be treated to a look at the Sussex Declaration. This is the only parchment copy of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, other than the signed copy being held at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Markle is an American by birth.

Meghan and Harry will open the Engineering and Digital Technology Park at the University of Chichester next. The pair will make several other stops on their Sussex visit, which will only last for the day. They will return to England that night, and they will be in attendance at the upcoming royal wedding later this month. After that, their international trip will begin.

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