Model Slick Woods Already Has A 6-Pack Again Despite Giving Birth During NYFW Just Weeks Ago

Well, Slick Woods has proved she's one strong mother yet again. Just weeks ago, the nine-month pregnant model walked in Rihanna's Fenty show for New York Fashion Week. Just 14 hours later, she gave birth to her first child (a boy named Saphir), as reported by the Inquisitr. It's been revealed that Slick Woods was in labor during the fashion show but walked the runway in revealing lingerie and a pair of ankle-breaking stilettos anyway. Rihanna reportedly had medical staff on stand-by for the model as her Savage X Fenty line was being showcased. Luckily, Saphir wasn't born on the grass runway of Rihanna's show so the paramedics weren't required.

The new mom posted on her Instagram story a jaw-dropping picture of her post-pregnancy belly, which is basically nonexistent. Slick Woods wears a Betty Boop bra top and green cargo pants. Her stomach? As flat as ever with visible ab definition. In fact, if you had seen this picture by itself without any other knowledge, you wouldn't even be able to guess the model had been pregnant just last month. The model posted the photo to mark an outing her new son who she lovingly referred to as "lil daddie."

It wasn't like the model had a barely-there pregnancy, either. Slick Woods spent her pregnant nine months as a glowing goddess with a baby bump that was the focus of her usual svelte figure.

The model's one-in-a-million look is what got her famous in the first place. On her cover of Elle (which she, of course, took while pregnant), the subtitle is "Rihanna's Muse." Rihanna reportedly adores Slick Woods and has helped launch her career to astronomical success.

Slick Woods is known for her beautiful smile and cropped hair. The model represents a new generation of beauty that isn't defined by conventional Eurocentric standards. Fans and celebrities adore her for her charming personality and inspiring beauty. With over 835,000 Instagram followers, it's not shocking that the model gets so much attention. Having a baby just 14 hours after walking in a fashion show is probably one of the most jaw-dropping model stories of 2018.

It isn't clear when Slick Woods will return to the runway but with a body like that, it could be tomorrow and no one would be all too surprised.

That, coupled with her celebrity friendships and work ethic, makes Slick Woods one of the top supermodels of 2018.