The world from the lens of an Orangutan

Fame and fortune await Nonja as she discovers the joy of photography and Facebook. Now you might be wondering why those two things suggest any kind of fame considering that just about everyone in the world it seems has a Facebook page loaded up with photographs.

Well that might be the case but none of those photographs are being taken by a 33 year old orangutan at the Schönbrunn Zoo in Austria.

Using a specially-adapted Samsung ST 1000 digital camera, Nonja is rewarded with a raisin that drops out of the equipment each time she takes a snap.

The Vienna Tiergarten zoo set up the project to help keep Nonja and her three hairy ape friends entertained in their enclosure.

‘Of course the apes don’t care about the pictures, they are just an accidental side product,’ zoo spokesman Gerhard Kasbauer said.

‘They just know that when they press the button, a raisin pops out.’

Source: Daily Mail Online

Nonja currently has 43,000 fans on Facebook

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