Prince Charles Moans That ‘People Don’t Understand What Duty Means’

Andrew MilliganGetty Images

Being a member of the British royal family is no walk in the park according to its next figurehead – Prince Charles.

The Daily Mail reports that Prince Charles has told the makers of a new documentary on the royal family that no one outside of “the firm” can appreciate how he feels or what duty means.

Speaking in the second part of the ITV documentary Queen of the World, the heir to the throne reflects on what being a royal means and the duty it entails.

“People don’t always understand about the concept of duty. I think a lot of the time you have to be brought up to understand what it actually means.

“Minding about other people, minding about what happens in this country and the Commonwealth, and that’s the only way, all the masses of people who need to be encouraged and thanked.”

Prince Charles has been a prime target for an awful lot of criticism during his time in the public eye and according to the Daily Mail, the queen has also chipped in by criticizing her eldest son for employing too many servants and taking his own personal white leather toilet suit with him to public functions.

In June 2013, the Daily Mail criticized the prince for speaking about the evils of “monstrous modern architecture” and then spending £38 million on a giant supermarket depot near Milton Keynes.

The paper has also insinuated that Prince Charles has waged a 20-year secret campaign to make him the richest king in history.

The Independent also took a pot shot at the financial situation of the future king when they reported in 2010, “The Queen is set to become one of the wealthiest crowned heads in Europe after the future of the British monarchy was secured in a historic deal with the Government that will give the House of Windsor a share of the £210m profits from government estates relinquished by George III. The Civil List and the parliamentary system for funding the head of state are to be abolished.”

“From 2013 onward, the Queen receives her funding directly from the Crown Estate, which owns £6 billion of British land and business. The deal means the Queen, and her successors, will not have to dip into her private wealth to help fund her crumbling palaces and staff wages, reducing financial concerns for Prince Charles when he ascends the throne.”

Queen of the World airs in the UK tonight. In the documentary, Prince Charles is also asked by a group of giggling schoolchildren whether he will “build a fort” when he becomes king.