MMA News: Former UFC Champ Jon Jones Slams Georges St-Pierre For PED-Comments

At UFC 214, Jon Jones has succeeded to reclaim the UFC light heavyweight title after beating Daniel Cormier via third-round knockout. The impressive victory made most believe that “Bones” was indeed one of the greatest MMA fighters of all-times. However, it didn’t take long before Jones’ reign ended.

A test sample collected from Jon Jones before UFC 214 tested positive for Turinabol. Though Jones has been adamant that he unknowingly consumed a prohibited substance, he still needed to face the consequences. The California State Athletic Commission overturned the result of his fight with Daniel Cormier to “no contest,” USADA placed him under provisional suspension, and the UFC stripped of the UFC light heavyweight belt.

Jon Jones earned plenty of criticisms for his action, despite the confirmation from an arbitrator that “Bones” didn’t intentionally commit cheating. One of the MMA fighters who gave harsh comments about Jones is former UFC two-division champion Georges St-Pierre. GSP said that performance-enhancing drugs not only affect the physique but it also changes the mind of the person.

St-Pierre said that fighters who used PEDs should not be mentioned in G.O.A.T. conversations. Jon Jones is definitely not happy to hear such words from a fighter as great as St-Pierre. In his Instagram account, Jones decided to give a response to GSP’s statements.

“It sucks when you have to hear someone you’ve always shown respect to sit and talk foolishness. But that’s the nature of the game these days. Saying steroids change more than physical performance. ‘Make you more creative and hungry’. Do you know how crazy that sounds? I guess brain damage is real out here. Saying PED metabolites threw a kick? Come on man. It’s called training and identifying a weakness. So much, in fact, I told him to his face it was coming and then landed it. That’s called execution.”

Jon Jones made it clear that his victory against Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 was the result of his training and not because he accidentally ingested a banned substance. Instead of giving critical comments against other fighters, Jones urged Georges St-Pierre to focus on his next fight. Despite announcing his return, the UFC is yet to announce who will be St-Pierre’s opponent.

The former UFC two-division champion has expressed his desire to fight the winner between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor, but UFC President Dana White said that they are not letting GSP fight at the lightweight division. Meanwhile, the rumors about the potential Jones-Cormier 3 is currently circulating around the world of mixed martial arts, but both fighters have not shown any strong interest in making the fight happen.