Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Margaux Confronts Jason And Mike Reaches Out To Carly

A new week of chaos is about to begin on General Hospital and spoilers suggest that Monday’s episode will be a big one. Sonny is facing a lot of stress regarding both his father Mike’s illness and the chaos surrounding the dead body at Charlie’s Pub and the October 1 show will bring about developments on both fronts.

General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek on Twitter indicate that Margaux and Jordan will be questioning Jason about the Vincent Marino situation. Margaux has shifted her belief that Mike is central to figuring out the truth about Vincent’s death to wondering if Sonny is the key. Of course, both Margaux and Jordan know that Jason typically knows virtually everything there is to know about Sonny’s business.

Granted, Jason is never one to offer up information to the authorities and he’s certainly not about to do it now. He is protective of both Sonny and Mike, and it seems likely that Margaux and Jordan will walk away with nothing after this conversation.

She Knows Soaps teases that Jordan will have disappointing information to share with someone, but it’s not clear yet who else is involved. Will she need to tell Margaux that forensics uncovered little of value after examining the scene and Vincent’s remains? It is known that Margaux will have to pursue other avenues in trying to nail Sonny and as the Inquisitr has shared, those other avenues will involve Drew and the memories of Jason’s he still carries.

Sonny will reportedly be rattled during Monday’s show and this is probably regarding Margaux and Jordan’s determination to find out the truth about Vincent. While he’s focused on this situation, General Hospital spoilers detail that his father Mike will have an emotional discussion with Carly.

While Sonny is still resistant to moving his father to a care facility, Mike is becoming more convinced by the day it’s time. He’ll tell Carly that it’s time to talk about what happens next, and she’ll wonder if this is really what he wants to do.

While Carly loves Mike and gets emotional over what his illness is doing to him, she has been able to look at this situation with more clarity than Sonny can. Mike has already asked Stella for help, and it looks like he’ll try to get both Stella and Carly to help him move Sonny to the place where he can get on board with this transition as well.

Big news is on the horizon for Nina thanks to the DNA test Curtis had Sasha do and Laura is returning to Port Charles. The Inquisitr has shared General Hospital spoilers hinting that the week of October 1 will be a juicy one and Monday’s episode is not to be missed.

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