‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Drew And Margaux Face Off, Flash Drive Becomes Bait

Margaux is determined to get what she wants on General Hospital — and that is Sonny Corinthos’ head on a platter, or at least in a jail cell. Now that it has been confirmed that the dead body found in Charlie’s Pub’s basement is the DA’s dad, Vincent Marino, she is on a rampage against the mob boss. She will do anything — even using a dad whose son is dying.

Drew Cain has enough on his plate right now, after learning that his son Oscar has an inoperable brain tumor. Now, he will have a confrontation with Margaux about Sonny. General Hospital spoilers spilled by She Knows Soaps share that she will meet up with Drew to beg him to use his memories of his twin brother, Jason Morgan, to take Sonny down. Of course, Drew isn’t going to do that, which makes Margaux furious.

Margaux will turn to another tactic — one that she believes will be the bait to reel him in towards her way of thinking. The DA will reveal that she has the missing flash drive in her possession. Peter August dropped it as he was trying to get out of town a few weeks ago, and no one has been able to locate it. Margaux found it in her hotel room, and she has held onto it — just in case it’s needed. Now is the time for her to use it as bait to get Drew to do as she asks.

That flash drive has all of the memories of his past that he can’t remember. Will he betray Sonny in exchange for his memories? It will be tempting. She could threaten to wipe everything off of it, and that could make him agree to it. His past memories could be gone forever.

If Drew was smart, he might go to Jason to let him know about what Margaux is trying to do. Jason may get his hands on that flash drive with no problem, should he find out that she has it. Drew already has his hands full with Oscar — and now this! Maybe Margaux will back off once she finds out what Drew is going through with his son. She will hopefully have a little sympathy towards him.

Margaux wants Sonny to pay for his crimes. She believes that he is the one who pulled the trigger many years ago and buried his body. Stay tuned to General Hospital in the next few weeks to see if Drew complies with her demands.

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