The Internet Is Falling In Love With Pit Bull Who Won’t Sleep Without A Lullaby

People with dogs know that just like humans, their pups get set in routines and have their own very definite likes and dislikes. Sometimes they are insistent about sleeping in a certain spot, or they need a specific blanket to feel like they are really comfortable and safe. Bedtime is one of those events each day that is especially oriented to routine, and this sweet little pit bull catching the attention of the internet is evidence of that. As was reported by Around The World over the weekend, this little girl just won’t go to sleep until her human sings her a lullaby, just like so many little children.

As can be seen in the video, the pittie lives indoors and is trained to sleep in her crate. She immediately perks up when she hears her human’s voice and can be seen flashing a big toothy smile. As her “dad” begins singing to her, her grin gets even bigger until she finally gives in and begins slowly dropping her head down to her pillow to let herself drift off. As the lullaby continues, the sweet pittie slowly closes her eyes and the singing is over, at least for that one night.

While she made the rounds on social media for months, garnering some attention, it wasn’t until she showed up on Instagram just a couple of weeks ago that she went from being seen by 30,000 or so people to over 4,500,000, not counting new fans on Facebook and YouTube. Between the face that some leaving comments described as “angelic” and her dad singing the song “Angel,” specially adapted for his pup, people began falling in love with the pair.

According to several reports, singing to your dog is not a bad thing, and actually does appear to have some value. As dogs love attention, they generally enjoy being sung to, even if the singing voice they are hearing isn’t all that great to other humans. A column at The Dog Trainer’s Secret discusses how singing a dog a lullaby can actually help them go to sleep.

Whether a lullaby is being sung to a baby or a dog, the overall desired effect is to create a sense of calm and familiarity. They state that dogs will respond to a tune that they hear repeatedly in a manner that they have been conditioned to follow. So if you sing “Brahm’s Lullaby” every night at bedtime, in the same tone and cadence, your dog will come to understand that song means sleep, so it really does work.

As for this pretty pittie and her owner, it would appear that they have found their routine and it is working in a successful and adorable fashion.

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