Nene Leakes Cast In ‘How High 2’ With Lil Yachty & DeRay Davis [Rumor]

Nene Leakes posted a photo of herself on social media and has unleashed a torrent of rumors and speculation in the process. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star posted a pic of herself and DeRay Davis on Instagram. She and Davis were posing on the set of a movie that they were filming. While she doesn’t disclose the name of the movie that they were shooting, a little digging reveals that the reality star may be acting in the long-awaited How High 2 which is due to be released next year. Lil Yachty announced last week that he will star in the sequel of the stoner 2001 comedy.

Although Leakes didn’t officially announce that she would be starring in How High 2, she does drop some major hints. She said that DeRay Davis, the well-known actor and comedian, would be playing her boyfriend. She also leaked that Lil Yachty would be playing her son, while DC Fly will portray her nephew.

Since Lil Yachty is currently only cast in one movie, which will be his first, it is safe to say that Leakes will play his mother in How High 2. Lil Yachty’s mother, Venita McCollum, seems to confirm this fact when she posts on Leakes’ photo. She shares the love and congratulates the reality star.

“therealmommaboat @neneleakes congrats!!❤️❤️your playing my sons mom!!!!”

Leakes also posts that she has been trying to keep a low profile this year. She now keeps quiet about projects because she believes that there are people who wish her ill-will. The RHOA star has faced a challenging year and has struggled in particular with her husband’s health.

Gregg Leakes was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and underwent surgery on September 17. Atlanta Black Star reports that she recently shared footage of them as she wheeled him out of the hospital the following week. Gregg started to cry on the way home and she tried to reassure him.

“Gregg, don’t. Everything’s gonna be fine. The good thing is you’re going home, okay?”

“It’s definitely a hard thing to watch any family member go through the big C word. But I’m hanging in there. It’s a lot, though. It’s a lot on me but I’m just trying to do everything I can do to make Gregg’s process the best it can be.”

Leakes remains focused on taking care of business, her man, and her career. And it seems as if she’s determined to look fabulous while doing it!