LSU Hooper Wayde Sims Seen Brawling In Videos That Capture His Shooting Death

At least two bystanders — who watched as the murder of Louisiana State University student basketball player Wayde Sims unfolded — were able to capture the incident in recordings that have since been aired by national news outlets in addition to having gone viral on social media.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Sims was shot dead outside of a Subway restaurant near the campus of Baton Rouge’s Southern University early Friday morning, September 28. The 20-year-old junior forward had reportedly been involved in a violent altercation involving more than a half-dozen men when a single shot was fired at his head.

Footage that authorities collected from cooperating witnesses at the scene show the moment that Sims reportedly interjected himself into the melee in defense of a friend. Fists had been flying just yards away from Ace W. Mumford Stadium when — at around 12:25 a.m. — Sims moved in and squared up to go blow for blow with an individual wearing a grey shirt and red pants bearing a white stripe. To the grave misfortune of the unsuspecting Sims, his counterpart happened to be armed — and prepared to shoot — once the threat of the taller man presented itself.

After unleashing a flurry of punches, Sims can be seen falling motionless to the ground. Within a fraction of a second of him hitting the ground, the former Louisiana Gatorade Player of the Year’s surroundings were clear — with all who had taken part in the dust-up sprinting off. Paramedics would rush to transport Sims for emergency treatment, but he’d succumb to the injury — being pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Officers who eventually arrived in response to the 668 Harding Boulevard shooting would recover a pair of glasses that eventually led them to the prime suspect, according to CNN.

Within hours of Sims being gunned down, clues led to the suspect in red being wanted for questioning. Before long, investigators would collect even more evidence, thanks to the execution of a DNA seizure warrant that turned up a match between the DNA of 20-year-old Dyteon Simpson and the specs that had apparently fallen off of his face during the brawl.

According to East Baton Rouge Parish Police chief Murphy J. Paul, the mounting leads pointing in Simpson’s direction proved enough for him to fold — as he’d go on to admit to being in possession of a gun and to firing on Sims — soon after he was taken into custody and questioned on Saturday morning.

Simpson’s confession would prompt his formal arrest for second-degree murder.

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