Kanye West Tweets That He’ll Host ‘SNL’ Later This Season

Kanye West obviously had a great time on Saturday Night Live last night, because he’s ready to come back to host the show later this season. While many viewers were confused by his performance on the show — which had Adam Driver as the guest host –West himself seems energized.

Vanity Fair reports that Kanye West was tweeting madly today after appearing on SNL last night, first wearing a Perrier bottle costume and then donning a “Make America Great Again” hat in honor of his support for Donald Trump.

He tweeted an exclamation about his time on the show, promising to return as part of sketches rather than as the musical guest.

“had so much fun at SNL. Lorne agreed that I would host before the year is out. Need to set a date. Gonna be sooooooooo lit. In the words of Lil Pump…Esskeetit!”

But if his appearance last night was confusing for the other cast members, imagine how off the rails Kanye as guest host might potentially be. In a time honored tradition that closes out the show as the credits roll, the cast, the guest host, and the musical host say thank you — and congratulate each other on a great show.

Last night it was as if the sea parted as Kanye commanded the stage, praising President Trump and his policies.


Kanye went on a rant in support of Trump at the end of the episode.

“So many times I talk to a white person and [they] say, ‘How could you like Trump, he’s racist?’ Well, if I was concerned about racism, I would have moved out of America a long time ago.”

It’s unclear when — and if — Lorne Michaels told Kanye West that he could host SNL, but the rapper was soon onto another pet topic beyond the show and beyond Trump. His thoughts moved on to Apple, which he says is affiliated with his company YZY.

“YZY Is a for purpose (non profit) arm (branch) of Apple. We unofficially work for Steve Johnny Tim and Lorraine. Everything we do at YZY is to be an arm (branch) of what our hero Steve has created. With love. I will never be Steve. I will always be YE. We are here in service to Steve’s vision. Let’s make the planet [apple emoji] level.”

And while many people might have found the Kanye episode confusing, Donald Trump said he heard it was great, says People Magazine.

“Like many, I don’t watch Saturday Night Live (even though I past hosted it) – no longer funny, no talent or charm. It is just a political ad for the Dems. Word is that Kanye West, who put on a MAGA hat after the show (despite being told ‘no’), was great. He’s leading the charge!”