‘Big Brother 19’s’ Jessica Graf Admits She’s ‘Jealous’ Of This Season’s Cast

Big Brother just wrapped its twentieth, and maybe most successful, season to date. Last summer, BB 19 aired and wasn’t exactly received well by fans who could see that Paul Abrahamian was running the show without any resistance. It made for boring television and a pretty bitter cast (Paul ended up losing by just one vote in the finale to Josh Martinez, as reported by The Inquisitr). Jessica Graf, a pre-jury evictee, spoke out about one of the main differences between her season and BB 20.

In a tweet, Jessica admitted that she felt “jealous” of Season 20’s cast because of how close they all appear after the finale. It’s true, the cast has been spotted partying and hanging out together nonstop since the Wednesday finale. Kaycee Clark, the winner of BB 20, perhaps represents the season’s houseguests the best. Genuine, honest, and non-vindictive. Some houseguests have even posted pictures with contestants they were at direct odds with (remember when Fessy sent him his own alliance member?) and everyone seems to be getting along great.

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson, both players from BB 19, are now engaged and expecting their first child together. “Cody and I will start our own BB family,” Jessica writes. After last season’s messy ending, it would’ve been surprising to see the BB 19 cast all buddied up afterward.

Jessica and Cody are some of last season’s favorite houseguests, with Cody winning the vote for America’s Favorite. They have since appeared on, and won, The Amazing Race.

It seems that the BB 20 houseguests have a well of humor and love to draw from. Even Kaitlyn Herman, who spent an emotional few weeks in the house before being evicted, has since posted about her run on Big Brother. Season 20 seemed full of genuine fans of the game who understood it was just that — a game. Heck, Kaitlyn has even tweeted about Brett Robinson who once openly mocked her during a speech.

BB 19’s Ramses Soto also weighed in and agreed with Jessica. Ramses, who was a superfan of the game, was evicted pre-jury as well. He felt as if everyone just “did their own thing” following the finale. His sad-face emoji and heart sum up his feelings pretty well.

Another difference between the seasons was the outlook of the players on the finale. There was an alleged jury pact on BB 19 that would prevent Paul from winning. Winston Hines, who was a pre-jury evictee this season, tweeted the night of the finale and made it clear that he would support whoever won that night. It seems that this sentiment was shared by all the castmates.

Perhaps the most notable example of how genuine this season’s relationships were was shown at the finale. When Kaycee Clark was revealed as the winner, runner-up Tyler Crispen led her out of the house and held up her hand in victory. Last season, Paul was in shambles as the votes were read and looked visibly upset following his loss.

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