‘BB19’ Spoilers: Season Finale Recap, ‘BB19’ Winner Announced, Teaser For ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

BB19 spoilers will reveal big news tonight. The announcement of the Big Brother 19 winner is the focal point of the September 20 season finale, with two hours of footage, competitions, and BB19 jury deliberations for the CBS audience to enjoy. Host Julie Chen will also be revealing who fans had chosen as America’s Favorite Houseguest by the time the credits roll. This Episode 39 recap comes from a live CBS presentation on Wednesday, September 20, at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

After an elongated recap of what has taken place this season, it was time for producers to confirm the BB19 spoilers that had been revealed over the past few days. That began with footage from part one of the final Head of Household Competition, which took place Thursday evening, September 14, in the Big Brother backyard. Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbott, and Josh Martinez would battle it out for an automatic spot in part three of the HOH Competition that would be hosted by Julie Chen on finale night.

Part one of the HOH Competition was an endurance challenge, with the three houseguests perched on clouds behind elevated unicorns. As the clouds and unicorns moved around, they had to hold onto a rope, with the last person standing named the winner. Paul Abrahamian ended up winning the challenge in about an hour. With that victory, Paul got an automatic spot in part three, meaning Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott would have to battle it out in the second part to try to win that second slot during the Big Brother 19 season finale.

Part two was even more intense, as Josh and Christmas had to launch weapons from a castle constructed in the backyard toward game pieces of evicted houseguests. There were three rounds, where they each had to answer questions that applied to some of the houseguests, leaving those game pieces standing. They then had to knock down all the other ones. Josh won, despite taking 92 minutes to finish his part of the competition, but he did it quicker than Christmas. This meant it would be Josh vs. Paul to decide the BB19 final two.

After host Julie Chen teased the audience about Big Brother 20 and a commercial advertised that CBS is looking for people to be in the BB20 cast, it was time to talk with the previously evicted houseguests. Former houseguest and Big Brother 2 winner Dr. Will Kirby returned to host the jury deliberations. There was a lot of bitterness among the BB19 jury members, including Alex Ow, Mark Jansen, and Elena Davies ridiculing and making fun of the final three. Will ended up calling them a group of sore losers for their inability to give the final three any respect.

At part three of the final Head of Household Competition, Paul Abrahamian and Josh Martinez had to answer questions based on answers they felt that the BB19 jury members would give. In a very one-sided contest, Josh ended up being the winner, guaranteeing him not only a spot in the final two, but the chance to decide whether it would be Paul or Christmas sitting next to him at the end. Josh had a long commercial break to have some final thoughts on his most important decision of the summer.

Josh Martinez hosted the final eviction of the summer, with Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott each pleading their cases to go to the final two with him. Josh ended up keeping Paul, making Christmas the final member of the BB19 jury. Christmas seemed sad about the choice, but she accepted it and joined the other eight houseguests in asking questions of the final two. The rest of the jury members still seemed quite bitter, but they would each have to vote on who would become the Big Brother 19 winner.

Christmas Abbott voted for Paul Abrahamian, Kevin Schlehuber voted for Paul, Alex Ow voted for Josh Martinez, Raven Walton voted for Paul, Jason Dent voted for Josh, Matt Clines voted for Paul, Mark Jansen voted for Josh, Elena Davies voted for Josh, and that left Cody Nickson as the deciding vote from the BB19 jury. Cody voted for Josh. Josh Martinez is the Big Brother 19 winner. The winner of America’s Favorite Houseguest this season is Cody Nickson, who takes home a $25,000 prize.

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