Twitter Roasts Donald Trump After He Defends Kanye West For His ‘SNL’ Rant

Kanye West drew a lot of flak for his antics on Saturday Night Live’s 44th season premiere last night, where he was booed after going on a rant about “liberal” media outlets and celebrities and reaffirming his support for Donald Trump. While the president took to Twitter on Sunday to defend the 41-year-old rapper amid this new controversy, social media users were largely unimpressed, as they referenced everything from Matt Damon’s impression of Brett Kavanaugh on SNL to Trump’s recent comments about “falling in love” with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

In a Twitter post shared on Sunday, Trump admitted that he no longer watches Saturday Night Live despite the fact he had previously been a guest host, calling the popular show a “political ad” for Democrats that no longer has the funny jokes, talent, or charm it used to. He also commented on West’s appearance at the end of this week’s episode of SNL, which was not aired but was nonetheless captured on video by Chris Rock and shared on Instagram early on Sunday morning, as noted by The Wrap.

“Word is that Kanye West, who put on a MAGA hat after the show (despite being told “no”), was great. He’s leading the charge!”

According to The Wrap, West’s rant about liberal media and his continued support for Trump was roundly booed by the live audience, as he continued speaking despite the negative crowd reaction.

In the two hours or so since Donald Trump defended Kanye West on Twitter, several users replied with negative reactions to the president’s comments. Some of the more popular replies referenced Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate testimony from earlier in the week, where he was criticized for being loud and belligerent as he denied the sexual assault allegations made against him.

Likewise, many Twitter users, including actress Alyssa Milano, brought up Matt Damon’s appearance on Saturday Night Live’s season premiere, where, as CNN noted, he focused on Kavanaugh’s perceived screaming and crying at this week’s Senate hearing and longtime penchant for beer drinking.

One Twitter user pointed out how Trump committed a grammatical error by saying he “past hosted” Saturday Night Live, while a few others shared graphics of the president and Kim Jong Un, which were references to his remarks at a West Virginia rally about “[falling] in love” with the North Korean leader while they exchanged letters with each other, as noted in a recent report from the Inquisitr. There were also those who took shots at Kanye West, with one calling his Saturday Night Live appearance the “worst performance anyone in the universe has ever seen” and another Twitter user bringing up the rapper’s recent announcement that he now prefers to go by the mononym “Ye.”

“Umm, not sure if you know this, but goes by the name YE. Can’t believe he didn’t notify you. Oh yeah, he’s not too happy about your bromance with Kim either. Just sayin.”

As pointed out by The Wrap, Kanye West has openly supported Donald Trump for some time, despite how his “MAGA-friendly content” tends to turn off a lot of his followers. Likewise, the president has not been shy about defending West in his public comments at rallies and on social media.

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