Kanye Performs Dressed As A Perrier Bottle On ‘Saturday Night Live’

It’s already well-known that Kanye West generously volunteered to step into the performer spot on Saturday Night Live after Ariana Grande had to drop out and hopefully to take care of herself following a few difficult experiences she’s had recently. He appeared in promos wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat to remind viewers of his apparent support of President Trump. But USA Today reports what may be the most bizarre detail; Kanye apparently performed musical numbers on the show dressed in a costume resembling a bottle of Perrier sparkling water.

He performed his new single “I Love It” with guest rapper Li’l Pump. Twitter users went wild as soon as the performance began, posting videos and screen grabs of the bizarre event. The moment seems destined to become an instant meme. It’s Kanye, in an oversized green bottle with a hole for his face. You can tell it’s meant to be Perrier due to the classic yellow band at the top. But it looks like the costume may have been re-purposed from that Justin Timberlake “Omeletteville” sketch, due to short notice.


Li’l Pump appears to be a bottle of Fiji Water. Correction: Li’l Pump appears unhappy to be a bottle of Fiju water. “I Love It” does have lyrics about sparkling water, so it’s not too far off the mark that Kanye would decide to dress as one, if you follow Kanye logic. It’s possible Kanye wanted to emulate the look of the video, where he and Pump are both dressed in cartoonishly oversized padded costumes. They almost look like walking couches.

Twitter didn’t react positively to either performance, with some users declaring it “trash” and others saying Kanye was cancelled. That doesn’t bode well for Kanye’s upcoming album, which was meant to drop during the episode. The album is going to be called Yhandi and hours before the episode, Kanye also changed his name to Ye, at least according to his Twitter.

Perhaps Kanye is taking a page from Diddy’s high-concept loving, name-changing book, although Kanye is no stranger to high-concept premises himself.

His last album came out in June, and it was called Ye. This is a pretty quick turnaround for his next album, just four months later. That album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard chart, but wasn’t well-received, critically. It will be interesting to see if formal critics agree with Twitter about the new album, Yhandi.