Batman Was Set To Die In Zack Snyder’s Universe

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A major death was set to occur in Zack Synder’s DC Universe and the revelation is surprising fans. Screen Rant is reporting that Ben Affleck’s Batman was going to be killed off at some point in the director’s five-story arc. The news was confirmed after a fan posted a cartoon photo of Superman holding Batman’s dead body in his arms.

When the fan suggested the image was what viewers would have seen if Synder stayed at the helm of the Justice League franchise, the director himself responded. A simple “of course” from Snyder confirmed that Batman wouldn’t be making it past five films.

It appears as though Batman was going to die at the end of Justice League Part 2, sacrificing himself in the battle against Darkseid. The big bad was only hinted at in the first Justice League, but fans knew he’d be coming sooner rather than later.

Snyder’s plan to kill off Batman included the solo caped-crusader flick The Batman, which has been nothing short of a disaster since it was announced. Ben Affleck has backed in and out of the project and major issues with the screenplay put the movie on pause. Fans aren’t even sure if they’re going to get a solo Batman flick before or after a new actor takes on the role.

Batman wasn’t the only major character Snyder was planning to kill off. Screen Rant has also noticed three significant crosses at the end of Batman v. Superman, one of which was meant to symbolize Bruce Wayne. The crosses can be seen after Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman defeat Doomsday, ultimately ending the life of Superman in the process. One of these crosses could have been for Superman’s death, but that still leaves one for an unknown character.

Unfortunately, Snyder had to step away from filming the DC movies after tragedy struck his family. Joss Whedon stepped in to finish the filming of Justice League, which ended up changing the entire course of the DCEU. The Avengers director made a much lighter film than Snyder’s cut, making the superheroes a little more goofy and relatable.

Justice League Part 2 is still up in the air with no director attached at this time, as well as no premiere date.

Aquaman is the next big film out for DC, which hits theaters on December 21. Wonder Woman 1984 will follow on November 1, 2019. Other DC projects in the works with no premiere dates just yet are an untitled Flash movie, Suicide Squad 2, and an untitled Harley Quinn and Joker project. Joker, which stands apart from these films, will release on October 4, 2019.