Victoria’s Secret Model, Candice Swanepoel, Wears A Strapless Swimsuit In Artistic Instagram Pic

Candice Swanepoel has been sharing photos from Amangiri since four days ago, and the scenery is breathtaking. Although the name of the location sounds super exotic, it’s actually a 5-star hotel in Southern Utah. It’s an incredible getaway, as it’s located on 600 acres. The scenery is unbelievable, and is described as “red rock country.” Candice took advantage of the beautiful surroundings and posed in several photos, a couple which featured her in a swimsuit.

In one photo from yesterday, Candice stood between two concrete buildings. The sun was positioned right in the middle of the gap between the buildings, giving the picture a nice bokeh-effect. She leaned against a concrete wall wearing a strapless swimsuit in a light color. The model wore a summer hat, and stood on her toes. Fans loved the dramatic image, as one person said, “Impressive,” while another said, “Stunning.”

The Victoria’s Secret model also shared a picture from four days ago, where she also posed against a concrete structure. This time, she used the rectangular opening of the concrete as a sort of “frame” for the mountainous landscape. She sported a black strapless swimsuit, as her left hand rested on her head.

Swanepoel also shared an incredibly sweet photo of her baby hanging out on one of the lounge areas, captioning it “Someone is happy to be here.” Many people wanted to know where she was, because understandably, the location is incredible.

Amangiri has incredible suites, all which have outdoor lounges and fireplaces. Certain suites also have private pools and roof terraces, perfect for taking in the scenery. Room rates are not cheap at all, however, as the prices tend to fluctuate anywhere between $1500 to over $8800 in October. But likely for Candice, the expenses were well worth a private trip to remember.

She was probably busy with her two kids though, as she told People what it was like to have two kids. This is what she said.

“It’s pretty intense, but it’s amazing. To see the love between them is amazing. It’s a lot, I’m not gonna lie. The second one is a lot easier, but the situation of having two makes it harder.”

Candice also added a cute anecdote about one of her kids, saying, “My second one is an angel. ‘He’s like, ‘Mommy, I know you don’t need more stress.'”

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