Best Ways To Watch Princess Eugenie’s Huge Royal Wedding: What We Know So Far

Princess Eugenie is marrying Jack Brooksbank during an all-out royal wedding extravaganza on Friday, October 12. There’s been a lot of criticism and anger from the British public because they’re looking at paying a $2.5 million security bill for the event, but for now, let’s put all that aside. It’s time to focus on the important details, like how fans can watch Eugenie and Jack saying, “I do.”

First of all, the ceremony will start at 6 a.m. ET and 3 a.m. PT, so unless you’re an early riser, or late owl, you might want to plan ahead. Although it’s an inconvenient time for Americans, the event is starting at a decent hour in London, 11 a.m, according to Marie Claire.

Unfortunately, watching Eugenie’s wedding won’t be as easy as it was to watch Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding. That’s because the BBC has decided not to offer coverage of the event, although many people assumed that they would. A BBC spokesman told Cosmopolitan UK that “There will be news coverage of the wedding across our services.” So although the network won’t be offering a wall-to-wall news coverage, it looks like fans will still be able to see some of the wedding events on their channels.

A better option might be something less traditional, and more modern: the internet. Hello Magazine thinks that the royal family’s official YouTube channel could potentially offer a live feed of Eugenie’s wedding. This speculation is based on the fact that they livestreamed Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

Another alternative way to watch the wedding might be through social media channels. There will be 1,200 members of the public there, which could mean that there will be some amateur coverage of the event on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Plus, there’s still a slight possibility that another TV network might swoop in to save the day. ITV’s name has been thrown around as a potential backup plan, but nothing’s been confirmed yet. And if ITV or a different network doesn’t end up taking BBC’s place, it could be a huge surprise for some people, including royal correspondent Omid Scobie. This is what they said, detailed Town & Country Magazine.

“And the fact that every member of the royal family will be there in October [makes] this one of the most anticipated events on the social calendar later this year. There will be lots of interest. No doubt, every major network has requested some sort of access.”

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