Katt Williams Threatens To Knock Kevin Hart’s Mouth Sideways

Phillip FaraoneGetty Images

Katt Williams escalated his feud with Kevin Hart on Friday night, September 28, when he posted to Instagram Live with a rant in which he accused the Night School writer and producer of exploiting tensions between them to sell tickets. But, whereas fans may recall Katt offering to settle his differences with Hart by way of stand-up comedy back in 2016, this time around the troubled comedian insists that he will be letting his fists do the talking the next time they should they happen to cross paths.

“I don’t give a f**k how many Crips you pay, n***a, you’re going to see me in real life f**kboy. Because I know one of these motherf**kers on here report directly to you […] I was just in the gym and I’m headed to Mayweather’s – and I’m going to knock your motherf**king mouth sideways,” Katt threatens in the viral video.

Katt’s most recent rift stems from remarks that Hart aimed at him during a sit down with Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club last week. Livid over the way Katt discredited the success of fellow comics Lil Rel, Jerrod Carmichael, and particularly, Tiffany Haddish, during a recent appearance on Atlanta radio station V-103 – Hart spent the entirety of the 40-minute interview fact-checking his disgruntled counterpart and defending Haddish as someone who worked hard to earn her keep.

Hart would also get personal while venting over what he says hurt him most about his rival’s critique of other black entertainers. He went so far as to bring up Katt’s history of substance abuse and how it contributed to his decline in the industry, stating, “You had the shot. You were the guy. You were set up to be the star. You didn’t show up to work.”

Hart would again address their feud when he stopped through Sway In The Morning on SiriusXM hours prior to Katt lashing out on Friday. In short, he dismissed the notion that the bone he’s had to pick with Katt can be boiled down to a simple quarrel. Hart posed that nothing Katt says can actually hurt him personally and that he was rather expounding on a larger problem concerning the failure of black entertainers to support one another in the industry.

Come morning time Saturday, Katt appeared to tone it down just the same. During a live stream that went on to circulate throughout social media the newly minted Emmy Award winner recommends that those watching show love by going out to see Hart and Haddish in Night School. But in the same breath, he reminds Hart that it’s still “on sight” between them.