Malia Obama Appears In Music Video For Indie Band

Malia Obama knows a thing or two about the public limelight.

The former first daughter, who grew up in the public eye, has not shied away from expressing her admiration for showbusiness. There have been rumors suggesting that Malia intends to have a Hollywood career after she is done with Harvard, where she is currently studying, and those rumors received a shot in the arm when Malia was spotted in a music video for a Harvard-based indie band.

As reported by USA Today, the 20-year-old can be seen “playing” a harmonica and bopping around a lot in a new music video released by the indie band called the New Dakotas. Belting out a tune called “Walking On Air,” Malia looks entirely comfortable in her new role dressed in a knit-cap and an oversized sweater.

It is not yet clear if Malia appeared in the video as a favor to friends, as is often the case with college students, or if she did it to add a star to her resume. In either case, Malia seems to be enjoying what she is doing.

The same cannot be said of people close to her, however, as soon after appearing in the New Dakotas’ music video, the band’s official YouTube version of the song had her appearance mysteriously cut off. It is not yet known if Malia’s parents had anything to do with the sudden change, but that didn’t stop the internet from documenting her appearance.

You can check some of her moves in a video here.

Malia Obama’s admiration for showbusiness is not a new thing. The former first daughter is known to be a creative spirit, and during the gap year after her high school and before starting out at Harvard, she worked as an intern on HBO’s Girls and at Harvey Weinstein’s movie company, which has now been sold following the revelations of sexual assault allegations against the former Hollywood mogul. In addition to her work experience in Hollywood, Malia can regularly be seen attending music festivals with her friends, most notably when she attended Beyonce’s and Jay Z’s “On The Run II” concert in Paris earlier this year.

Malia’s latest appearance in an indie music video gives us all the more reason to believe that we might see her in front of the camera in the future, especially as her parents Barack and Michelle Obama set up Higher Ground Productions earlier this May, signing a multiyear contract with Netflix to produce diverse content on the online streaming platform, as reported by the New York Times.

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