More Major Problems With iPhone XS Emerge

Spencer PlattGetty Images

If you need to charge your iPhone XS, make sure you have a good window of time. According to a new report from Forbes, it’ll take more than three hours for the XS to go from zero to fully charged.

“This is borderline criminal compared to most Androids whose fast chargers come in the box and don’t require you shell out $68 extra for the privilege,” said PhoneArena reviewer Daniel Petrov.

The Apple USB-C fast charger currently retails for about $49, and the USB-C cable that’s needed to power it will run you another $19. But even with the fast charger, the iPhone XS takes longer to charge than other cell phones on the market.

“With most Android phones, I can plug in my phone, take a shower and know that I have enough battery to get me several more hours of battery life,” said CNBC reviewer Todd Haselton. “With the iPhone XS, unless I use a bigger charger like the one included with the iPad, I don’t get that same experience.”

What about the wireless charging, a feature Apple promised would be even faster in its new iPhones? Don’t expect much. The wireless charging feature is still slower than most of iPhone’s Android rivals.

Business Insider has discovered additional problems with the iPhone XS, and they’re making a recommendation: Buy a phone case and AppleCare+.

The new XS looks amazing, but it’s prohibitively expensive to repair if you break any part of your phone. The repair expenses Apple will charge you cost more than the price of a case and the Apple insurance combined.

A chart released by Apple shows how much repairing the XS might cost you. If you have the AppleCare+ and break your screen, it will cost you $29 to have it fixed. Without the insurance, expect to pay $279 to fix the iPhone XS and $329 for the iPhone XS Max.

It gets worse. If you break the back of the phone, you’ll pay $549 to fix the XS and $599 for the XS Max without Apple’s insurance.

The highly-anticipated iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max launched about a week ago in the U.S. with a rather scary starting price of $1,000. So far, users have been complaining about slow WiFi and poor signals. The slow charging adds another layer to the story of Apple’s newest products.

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have received multiple favorable reviews for the processor speed, the camera, the beautiful design, and the large screen size.