Nina Dobrev Shares Sexy Sneak Peak Of Her Reebok Collaboration

Nina Dobrev
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Nina Dobrev shared a video with her Instagram followers on Friday as she offered a glimpse into her new Reebok collection.

In the slow-motion video, she’s seen exiting an elevator with the message ‘Confidence Has No Competition’ written across the doors while wearing a white gym top and burgundy-colored leggings, a black and white sports jacket, and a cute neck scarf.

The Vampire Diaries actress and Reebok ambassador is a keen advocate for women’s rights and empowerment, and she told her fans that 100% of the proceeds of the T-shirt she designed would go to two foundations: the Movemeant Foundation, which empowers young women “to feel confident and body-positive by using fitness & physical movement as a tool to build self-worth,” and the Women’s Strength Coalition, which focuses on “building stronger communities through increased access to strength training.”

This week, the fitness babe told InStyle that she likes to relax at the end of the day knowing that she worked up a sweat and hit her daily goal.

“I like to be lazy and I like to take time for myself, [but] that’s usually at the end of a long day because I’ve kicked a**.”

“If I start my day off with a workout, I know that the rest of the day will just be infinitely better because it gives me energy,” the Hollywood star said.

Dobrev also said that she loves boxing, and that she prefers to workout with friends rather than alone.

“Boxing just makes me feel like a bada**. I’m strong. I’m confident. I can defend myself. Sweating alone sucks. When you sweat together, it feels better,” she said.

The 29-year-old star also talked about social media and how it may trick people into thinking that everyone is living the perfect life.

“In my early 20s … I did truly strive to be perfect in every single way. And as I got older I realized that that’s not realistic and people are flawed. I’m flawed. I try to live an authentic life to the best of my ability. I definitely have bad days too and that’s what people need to remember. I try to remind myself not to be obsessed with perfection,” she said.

Dobrev also makes sure to surround herself with the best A-list squad. Earlier this week, and as reported by the Inquisitr, the actress was seen hanging out in New Orleans with Taylor Swift, Ruby Rose, and of course, Swift’s cat Olivia.