Bollywood Star Disha Patani Posts Photo Kissing A Minion And Instagram Loves It

Disha Patani
Bollywood Hungama / Wikimedia commons (CC BY 3.0 A.K. Fox)

Bollywood star Disha Patani recently had a rare day out to be a normal person. As normal as a person that is one of the hottest film stars in India can be anyway. Aside from Patani’s work on films, promotional tours, and of course her modeling career, she has also been the center of some odd stuff lately. As was reported at the Inquisitr, Urvashi Rautela chose Patani as the person she wanted to get more Instagram followers than, issuing a weird challenge that Patani has largely ignored. For the record, Patani’s 13.3 million Instagram followers easily outpace the 10.1 million that Rautella has.

For Patani, life has been business as usual. She has been holding court with reporters from India and the U.K., giving interviews in support of her upcoming projects as reported by Mid-Day. She has been asked quite a few questions lately regarding her craft, what she does and doesn’t like about her performances, and who she does and doesn’t like working with. They are part of basic boilerplate type of interviews that major celebrities go through on a regular basis. As yesterday began as one of those days, who could blame Patani for taking off to have a little fun?

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Ba na naaaaa ????????

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In not even a day, Patani had already racked up over a million likes on her photo kissing a huge minion. Her followers just couldn’t get enough of how cute it was, as over 4,200 people commented on it with everything ranging from how good they look together, jokes regarding a wedding date, and how good it is to see Patani out and about having a good time. It looks like playing hooky from giving interviews suits her well, and her fans and followers agree as can be seen in the comments section of the post.

As Patani often does, she dropped an extra photo for her fans to enjoy, and the response was just as positive. Patani took a break, plopping down and riding the escalator. Fortunately, she didn’t get snagged in it and gobbled up as one fan warned her about.

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The photos reflect something that Patani discussed in an interview that day with News 18, who asked her about her favorite fashions.

“I am not fashion conscious. I believe in comfort, and I always wear clothes that I am comfortable in and I should feel beautiful more than anyone else should feel.”

At least on her day out, Patani looked very comfortable, and if feedback from her millions of fans and Instagram followers is any indicator, they also think she is beautiful.