Jinger Duggar Got Some Brotherly Love In Texas, Fans Rave How Handsome Her Brothers Are

Jinger, Jeremy, and Felicity Vuolo
TLC / TLC Press

Jinger Duggar had previously said how much she misses her family back in Arkansas. She is living many miles away in Laredo, Texas, with husband Jeremy Vuolo and their 2-month-old baby girl, Felicity. The family of three has had quite a few busy days with special visitors in their home. This past weekend they had Jeremy’s family staying with them as they all got to spend some quality time together. They also ended up having a few more visitors grace their doorstep. Jinger’s two younger brothers, James and Jedidiah, showed up to meet their baby niece for the first time. They also brought along Lauren Duggar’s brother, David.

According to Jinger’s Instagram, James and Jed got to meet and hold Felicity for the first time since she was born in July. She posted a couple of photos with them holding her. You can tell that the boys are experts when it comes to handling babies. Living with so many younger siblings comes in handy when their nieces and nephews come along.

The new mom also took her brothers shopping at a few Laredo outlet stores while they were in Texas. One of the stores included Old Navy. The photo that Jinger snapped shows a few bags full of clothing items they are carrying. You can also see Felicity just chilling in her stroller.

Jinger and her sisters are known for shopping at thrift stores quite often, as seen on a few episodes of TLC’s Counting On. They talk about how much money they can save by digging through good used clothing, especially for their kids, instead of spending too much at regular stores.

However, Jinger is big on making sure that the used clothes are washed first before they are worn. Just recently, Counting On had Ben and Jessa, Joe and Kendra, and Josiah and Lauren on a thrift shop date night in which they put on the clothes fresh off the rack. Both Jinger and Jeremy seemed appalled by the fact that her family members didn’t wash those clothes before they wore them.

The short trip for the Duggar boys came to end. Another Instagram photo posted on Thursday revealed that the three young men were getting ready to leave to go back home to Arkansas. Jeremy was also in the snapshot with them. Jinger wrote, “Saying goodbye to the bros.”

Duggar fans commented on how much the boys have grown. A few even mentioned how handsome they have become and are sure that they will be married off before you know it. It’s also noted just how much Jedidiah looks like his older brother Josiah.

Both Jinger and Jeremy have been posting photos of their life in Texas and of their growing family recently. Duggar fans are thrilled that they are willing to share their lives with them and to see how adorable Felicity is.