Shauna Sexton Dons A Tiny Bikini, As She & Ben Affleck Are Reportedly Getting Serious, Per ‘Life & Style’

Shauna wears a bikini.
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Shauna Sexton shared some new photos on Instagram today, giving props to two photographers named Stephen Panosian and Martin Murillo. Between the three of them, there are five pictures from the photoshoot. Shauna donned a tiny bikini in a dark color, with a top that looks a little small. The model is spotted heading to the gym almost daily, and all of the hard work looks like it’s paying off. The shot that Shauna chose for her page shows her directly facing the camera. In other shots posted by the photographers, Sexton can be seen sitting on the ground in the same bikini. In another, she’s looking to the side while tugging at her bikini bottom.

Lately, there’s been rumors that Shauna and Ben are getting more serious, according to Life & Style Magazine. This is what a source said.

“[Ben’s] relationship with Shauna has gotten way more serious than anyone knows.”

Many people seemed to think that Shauna and Ben would be a passing fling. This was likely compounded by the fact that Ben had to go to rehab soon after they were spotted together. However, after the model quit her job and started visiting Ben in rehab, people started to think the two were getting serious.

Plus, Ben is rumored to be spending big money on Shauna. From gifts, gym passes, to expensive meals, it looks like Affleck is spoiling his new girlfriend.

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This comes in the midst of reports that Jen Garner doesn’t like Shauna’s presence and wants Ben to dump her. Plus, Ben’s ex-girlfriend Lindsay Shookus is believed to have thought the two would get back together eventually. Meanwhile, Affleck is in rehab for treatment for alcohol abuse.

The biggest critics of Shauna have focused on her lack of sobriety. However, the model shot back with the following statement, detailed Page Six. It notably included her saying that she kept her drinking away from Ben.

“It’s … bizarre to me that you can somehow correlate someone’s [poor decisions] to anyone other than that person. Never drank around or with him for the record.”

Regardless of the drama, it looks like Shauna is staying on top of her modeling. She’s been pretty active on her Instagram too, as she shares snaps from her life. Her latest photos include her wearing a bubblegum-pink tank top, as well as another where she’s wearing an oversized Playboy denim jacket. This has all happened after she took a small road trip out of town with some girlfriends this past weekend.