‘House Of Cards’ New Extended Trailer Pits Claire Against Everyone [Video]

Frank Underwood is dead and gone, and now it is his wife Claire’s turn to run the United States of America, going from first lady to president in the wink of an eye. In the newest trailer for the soon-to-be-released final season of the Netflix original political thriller posted to YouTube, Claire Underwood, portrayed by Robin Wright, is taking on all-comers, and looking prepared to do battle. In the wake of Kevin Spacey, who portrayed her husband, President Frank Underwood, being removed from the show amid allegations of sexual misconduct, the show has undergone a number of changes for what became a final, shortened season.

It was already revealed that Frank is dead and not coming back. The biggest question coming into the season was how Claire was going to be received as president. Earlier trailers focused more on the passing of Frank, but in this latest teaser, Claire is shown meeting heavy criticism, demands that she honor promises made by Frank, veiled threats, and the appearance of danger and backstabbing around every corner. To be sure, Netflix is setting the tone for the series to end with a bang, rather than limp away with a whimper.

As Endgadget reported, Claire is facing a fight every step of the way to set up her own team, policies, vision, and agenda. In doing so, she is stepping on toes all over D.C., and in both parties. She is directly defying the demands that she toe the line and do as she is told, as was demanded of Frank in order to steal the oval office. She can even be seen telling an opponent, “The Reign Of The Middle-Aged White Man Is Over.” She is clearly determined to stand on her own and not live in the shadow of her deceased husband.

While this all sounds wonderful and empowering to some of the people seen cheering her, there are others that aren’t as pleased. It appears that Underwood henchman, Doug Stamper, has been cut out of the loop and is ready to regain the power he lost by any means necessary. In another scene someone can be heard saying, “We’ve got to get this woman out of there!” Possibly the most telling teaser in the video is a brief glimpse of Claire in a car where a bullet can be seen impacting the window next to her.

What happens to Claire Underwood is still a mystery, but on Novemeber 2, 2018, when the show is released in a ready to binge fashion, all answers will be revealed. Until then, the internet can only speculate on who lives, who dies, and how the world reacts to a new Underwood taking control.

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