WWE News: Taz & X-Pac Shoot On How The WWE Handled Liv Morgan’s Concussion On ‘Raw’


During Monday’s Raw, as the Inquisitr reported, WWE superstar Liv Morgan suffered a head injury thanks to Brie Bella delivering some wayward kicks. During a tag match on Raw, Brie Bella was delivering a series of Yes Kicks, but unfortunately, the last two kicks hit Liv Morgan square in the head instead of the chest, knocking her clean out. To make matters worse, as it was unclear if Morgan’s neck was injured, Brie continued to pull Liv up by her head, and Morgan couldn’t even stand on her feet. Liv kicked out of a three-count, and Brie dragged her to the corner in order for Liv to tag out. Later in the match, the referee tried to discourage Morgan from re-entering the ring, but he ultimately let her back in and did not stop the match.

Liv would go on to receive some further punishment, including a triple-suplex. Morgan was then taken to the back and did not return and, as The Wrap reported, Liv suffered a concussion because of Brie’s errant kicks. Brie Bella has a history of botching moves, and this is just one of numerous mistakes that she has made over the last several years. The WWE has fallen under criticism for allowing her to continue to perform without seemingly improving her style over the years. Many wrestling experts are placing the blame on Brie Bella, and others are criticizing how the WWE handled the situation, including former wrestler Taz.

On a recent episode of The Taz Show, the former WWE superstar and commentator gave his expert opinion on the happenings on Raw. Taz stated that he believes that this was an accident and that Brie did not intend to intentionally hurt Liv. The former ECW champion said that wrestling is not ballet. He said that it wasn’t Morgan’s fault or Bella’s fault, and that this stuff just happens. He then focused on how the WWE handled the situation, as The Wrap documented.

“You might not hear [this from] a lot of people who work for WWE, or looking to go back to WWE, but I’m just going to say it. The match has to stop, and that girl needs to be taken out of that match ASAP. Once she’s knocked out, she should not have tried to get up, no one should have touched her neck.”

Taz went on to say that he could tell Brie was concerned, and that Morgan should not have been involved in the triple-suplex spot that occurred later in the match. He then criticized the referee for not knowing what to do and, as The Wrap reported, the former WWE commentator reiterated that the match should have stopped no matter what.

“Liv can’t even stand up…She’s gotta be taken out of the match. Nothing, nothing else shoulda happened. I just have to say that. I had to get that off my chest.”

Taz concluded by saying that he’s surprised at how it all went down. On X-Pac 1, 2, 360, X-Pac also weighed in on the accident. The former wrestler said that he’s not going to fault any official on what took place if it’s not protocol, and then added that this was a good learning experience to start training the WWE referees on what to do. However, it should be noted that the WWE referees wear an earpiece so that Vince McMahon and other officials can communicate with the referee if they need to do so, as The Sun reported. So, at any point the WWE could have seemingly told the referee to stop the contest, which could have possibly spared Liv Morgan further damage after being knocked out from Brie Bella’s missed kick.