The Young And The Restless Spoilers: Bryton James Reveals Devon’s Future

'Young and the Restless' Bryton James.
Johnny Vy / CBS

In some new, emotional The Young and the Restless spoilers, actor Bryton James revealed what Devon’s future in Genoa City might look like in the coming months.

Recently, James opened up to CBS Soaps In Depth about his last days filming with Hilary actress Mishael Morgan — and he also discussed what he hopes to see for Devon in the future.

“It doesn’t look like Devon is going to get over Hilary’s death anytime soon,” James admitted. “He needs to grieve, but people deal with these things in different ways. There are times when it looks like people have moved on, but it’s a coping mechanism.”

Indeed, that grief has shown up for Devon in how he behaved before and during his sister Lily’s (Christel Khalil) trial for causing the accident that took Hilary and the unborn baby’s lives. Even though Lily is his sister — and she made a terrible mistake — he called for the maximum sentence. That is, until the last moment, when he asked the judge for leniency.

Then, more recently, things got heavy for Devon at Nick’s (Joshua Morrow) bachelor party. Nick talked about the big new house that he bought for Sharon (Sharon Case). Devon reminisced about how Hilary also wanted a large home and ended up leaving the party so that he wouldn’t continue bringing down the mood.

Devon is experiencing many facets of grief, and it could take a while — even though the concept of the passage of time can be flexible on soap operas. One common trope exemplifying this rule is when children suddenly transform into teens.

As for Devon’s future, James said that he’s open to seeing Devon’s character change a bit as he comes to terms with what he’s lost.

“He has always had a quick temper and a chip-on-his-shoulder attitude, but over the years, I’ve probably developed the character to be more like myself, which is easygoing,” Jame reflected. “But this is a big thing that’s happening in his life. It would be fun to change him, to have him approach situations more aggressively, show a darker side. I trust the writers. I hope fans will continue to watch and see where the show takes us all in the future.”

For now, Devon will handle his grief and move forward with his life, and currently there’s no telling what his future may hold. He’s part of the Hamilton Winters Group, and the firm seems to be doing well with business. It would be easy for him to become bitter and tap into the Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) vibe.