‘Fortnite’ Season 6 Arrives With Pets, Invisibility And Shotgun Nerf

Fortnite’s Season 6 launched Thursday with a spooky Halloween theme, new pets and a steep nerf shotgun.

Called Darkness Rises, Season 6 has given the battle royale map a darker facelift, replete with a haunted castle, not to mention horror tropes like some creepy corn fields. There’s now a floating island, and an area infected with a mysterious corruption. Over in the Wailing Woods, two new houses have popped up, with some players suggesting one could be home to Little Red Riding Hood.

On top of this, everything is doused in twilight instead of the usual sunny skies, making the new map perfect for a few ambushes.

Speaking of sneak attacks, Epic Games has also added an invisibility item in the form of shadow stones. In a blog post, Epic Games described the stone as a “consumable typically found around corrupted areas of the map.”

According to the patch notes, consuming the stone will give you a “shadow form” for 45 seconds. During this time, you’ll be unable to use weapons, and become invisible to enemies when stationary. Once you move though, you’ll leave behind a glimmering trail to make you stand out like a sore thumb. Luckily though, you’ll also be granted some nice buffs, like increased movement speed and jump height. Plus, you’ll be completely immune from fall damage.

Meanwhile, a second special ability, phase, will propel you forwards rapidly, while also allowing you to pass through objects like walls.

Now for the bad news, at least for fans of getting up close and personal.

The shotgun has been nerfed. The change was part of a handful of balance changes, which also included changes to the grapper to make it now include momentum balancing when hitting a moving target.

On top of the map changes and gameplay tweaks, the biggest change in Season 6 is the inclusion of pets. These companions are purely cosmetic, and come in all shapes and sizes. So far, we’ve seen Bonsey the puppy (tier 12), Scales the dragon (tier 43) and Camo the chameleon (tier 29).

Many of these features are locked behind the new Season 6 Battle Pass, which went up for sale a few hours ago. Just as you’d expect, the pass will have 100 unlockable levels in total, including new skins like a werewolf outfit. The pass will set you back 950 V-Bucks, or around $10.

Along with bringing a treasure-trove of new items and abilities, Season 6 will also be the first time Fortnite fans across all consoles will be able to play together. Just hours before Season 6 was set for release, Sony announced it was launching a beta allowing for cross-platform play with Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile devices, as Inquisitr reported.

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