Reviews Are In On The New iPhone XS & XS Max

Display of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max at their debut.
Jack Taylor / Getty Images

In early September, Apple unveiled their newest smartphones, the iPhone XS and XS Max. With the devices hitting stores just a few days ago, the news has been rolling out on the performance and specs of Apple’s latest release.

Apple‘s website advertises larger screens with cutting-technology displays, tougher and more resistant materials, and longer battery life, among other aspects. While the iPhone XS has a 5.8-inch display, its larger mate, the XS Max has a screen size of 6.8 inches. As to be expected, reviews range from positive to negative and cover many aspects of the products. The three reviews highlighted in this article discuss the pros and cons of the size, performance, and camera features on the new iPhone XS and XS Max.

The new iPhones boast larger sizes than the smaller iPhones before them. Maxim reports that some women are calling the larger models sexist. Supposedly, women’s hands are smaller than men’s and more likely to drop their phones, especially at a time when the company is increasing prices in its AppleCare company. At least, that’s what British feminist Caroline Criado Perez says.

“It genuinely does affect women’s hand health… it just baffles me that Apple doesn’t design with our bodies in mind. We should be furious about this, we are paying just as much money for it as men for a product that doesn’t work as well for us,” she told Maxim. Criado Perez also already claims to suffer a hand strain from her too-large iPhone 6.

On another note, Tom’s Guide reportedly performed tests on the battery life of the new phones, which Apple claims have longer battery lives than the iPhone X. Apparently, the testing involves internet surfing for long periods of time at a high level of screen brightness. Results of the test allegedly suggest that the longer-life battery claim is not true. Tom’s Guide reports an average run time of 10 hours and 48 minutes for the iPhone Max, and 9 hours and 41 minutes for the iPhone XS. Apparently, the Max’s battery life compares slightly above the average battery life for other phones in its size category. However, the XS falls just below the average battery life for other similar devices.

However, Consumer Reports has been praising the new phone models for their camera features and faster processors, says BGR. The publication tested the devices out and said the camera features and faster speeds are worth it, but only if you have an older smartphone than the iPhone X.