Ben Affleck's Girlfriend, Shauna Sexton, Wants Jen Garner To 'Stay Out' Of Relationship, Per 'Life & Style'

Apparently, Ben Affleck's new girlfriend, Shauna Sexton, doesn't want to hear any criticism from his ex-lovers. That includes Jennifer Garner. Previously, it was reported that Jen advised Ben to dump Shauna "or else," with the biggest reason being that she believed Sexton would be a bad influence on the actor's sobriety. Not that Ben was listening to her anyway, as a source reported that Jen was left "furious" after Affleck seemed to ignore the advice, according to the Inquisitr.

Well now, the saga continues with Shauna apparently telling Jen to back off, a source revealed to Life & Style Magazine.

"Shauna was pissed that Jen told Ben to stay away from her. She wants Jen to get it through her head that Ben is hers now, she makes him happy — and Jen should just stay out of it."
It's natural that Shauna would be upset to hear that Jen was trying to break them up. After all, Jen is obviously someone that Ben still thinks highly of, as she was the one that convinced him to seek professional treatment for his alcohol addiction. It appears that while Ben was dating Lindsay Shookus, that he was already having problems with alcohol.It's hard to argue with the statement that Shauna makes Ben happy, since that's between the two of them. However, it does seem like Affleck is into Sexton quite a bit, as he's been lavishing her with expensive gifts. Plus, Shauna's been able to quit her day job since she started dating Affleck, and has been driving his car around. And while many people assumed the couple was a fling, it looks like they are going strong for now.
Strangely enough, most of their relationship has involved Ben being in rehab. A source addressed this, saying the following.
"The circumstances might not seem ideal for starting a new romance, but Ben and Shauna actually think it's giving them a solid foundation."
The insider also added that "his relationship with Shauna has gotten way more serious than anyone knows."

Meanwhile, it sounds like Garner will be sticking around to help whenever she can.

"After everything they've been through, she is going to continue to be there for him when he needs her."
That's good news for Ben, because the road to sobriety can be difficult and long. And if he has a solid support system in place, it'll make things much easier for him whenever he transitions back to his regular life.