Top 10 Sexiest Photos Of Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is known for posting sexy photos of herself on Instagram, but she’s careful about not violating the social media platform’s rules about nudity and often shows just enough to keep fans interested. The model certainly knows how to keep people coming back for more. Here are the top 10 sexiest photos of Kendall Jenner on Instagram.

No. 1: The Torso Photo

This month she posted a photo of her reflection in a mirror, which was quite sexy and showed a lot of skin. However, it seems she knew the photo would stir up some controversy because she captioned it by pointing out the fact that it’s only a photo of her torso. So far the photo has gained 5,193,373 likes.

No. 2: The Yellow Bikini

Earlier this year in June she posted a photo of herself in a yellow bikini that shows off her curves while she holds some fruit next to her leg.

No. 3: On The Steps

In February Kendall posted a photo that is a little more artistic than what she usually posts, but it still manages to be quite sexy and beautiful. In this black and white photo, the background is a little out of focus, creating the very aesthetic bokeh effect that photographers love to achieve in their photos. And in the middle of the steps sits Kendall, perfectly in focus and nude, wearing nothing but a necklace.

No. 4: Sipping From A Wine Glass

In this photo posted to her Instagram account back in May, she is only wearing Calvin Klein underwear but carefully covering up her breasts with her arm while sipping from a wine glass. Her hair is wrapped up in a white towel and she appears to be seriously relaxed.

No. 5: Booty Close-Up

Almost a year ago she posted a very close-up photo of herself wearing what appears to be a red full-piece swimsuit. In the Instagram picture, she is also pulling the side of the swimsuit up to show off her curves. So far the photo has received over 2,550,000 likes.

No. 6: Surrounded By Flowers

In this gorgeous picture, she’s reclining in a bathtub in the middle of a beautiful, flower-filled garden. Her own beauty, plus the fact that she’s wearing lingerie with a floral design, makes her fit right in.

No. 7: Visiting Turks And Caicos

This photo is from 2016. According to the caption, she was visiting Turks and Caicos via Airbnb. She’s standing on a balcony, with her head tilted to the side and looking down at the photographer. She’s wearing a sexy black bikini and sunglasses.

No. 8: In The Grass

In this one, she shows off her curves while laying in the grass. There are also little orange flowers everywhere. So far this picture has gained 3,364,377 likes.

Kendall Jenner
This isn’t a “sexy” picture of Kendall Jenner, but she still looks beautiful. This is from an event she attended.

No. 9: The Cover Of GQ

Of course, there’s that time she was on the cover of GQ wearing a little white bikini and a blue jean jacket. This photo has over 20,000 comments.

No. 10: Hip Tattoo

There’s no denying she looked great in Vmagazine. Her hair was long and dark and she had a snake tattoo going up the side of her hip.