Carole Radziwill Admits She Doesn't Wear Lingerie Anymore

Kristy Morgan

Page Six reports that the former Real Housewives of New York star would rather go naked than wear lingerie. The 55-year-old attended a party to celebrate Evine After Dark, which is a home shopping show that sells sex toys. At the party, she told Page Six, "Men don't care. I used to have a big lingerie game but men don't care. They just want you to be naked, I think."

She is known for her dramatic fashion on the show and still appreciates dressing up. "I like a little outfit. I like a sexy bra or underwear. I used to wear stockings with suspenders and garters and they're great. It wasn't, like, for a sexy night or anything, but when you wear them you feel extra sassy because no one knows. It's kind of a fun, sexy thing that you only know about."

Radziwill will not be returning to Real Housewives of New York next season. She was recently linked to Adam Kenworthy, a 33-year-old chef, but the couple split up earlier this year after an on-and-off relationship. But Romper reports that despite the breakup, the two are still close. She has mentioned that living together was a little too much for them. "Living together, our relationship evolved past the point where either of us felt comfortable. I didn't want to keep reminding him to pick up his socks. I'm not that girl."

According to PEOPLE, there were rumors that Radziwill was fired from the show for lashing out at Andy Cohen during a cast reunion. During the second part of the reunion special, she told Cohen he was "so full of sh**" while talking about her fight with Bethenny Frankel.

"You bashed each other on the show," Cohen said while the two women insulted each other.

"You're so full of sh**, Andy. I didn't bash her on the show."

But Radziwill responded to the rumors and dismissed them saying, "If I was fired because I yelled at Andy I'd be screaming it from the rooftops...his ego didn't bruise. Trust."

She has also said that after six seasons she's decided to return to what she does best which is producing and journalism. Before becoming a reality star, she earned a B.A. at Hunter College and an M.B.A. at New York University. She's also a New York Times best-selling author and award-winning journalist.