Dave Grohl Reveals His Hour-Long Concert Prep That Includes Advil And Jagermeister

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has been on the road touring for the bulk of the last 27 years. First with Nirvana, then with the Foo Fighters and a number of shorter engagements and one-offs with acts such as Probot, Audioslave, and even Trombone Shorty, as reported by the Inquisitr. In that time, he has developed what some might call superstitions and a very serious pre-show ritual he follows before every concert, regardless of who he is playing with, as reported by Ultimate Classic Rock.

Although the bulk of Grohl’s pre-concert routine is completed in an hour, over the years it has grown to more of a 90-minute thing, as that is when he takes three Advil. He admits that is something he didn’t need 27 years ago when Nirvana’s album Nevermind dropped, according to the Inquisitr, and he did his first serious touring. Once those start to kick in, Grohl begins drinking like something straight out of a 1980s’ era Metallica backstage story.

While it has been said by more than one reporter that there is no way Grohl’s pre-concert drinking routine can be healthy, Grohl maintains they put on a great show and he knows how to handle his drink.

In the hour before going on stage, Grohl downs four beers and six shots according to Tone Deaf. His beer of choice for this ritual is Coors Light, and his shots are Jagermeister. He even has a certain timing to how he gets all those beverages down, according to Ultimate Classic Rock.

“An hour before the gig, I have a Coors Light. About 50 minutes before the gig, I hit my first Jag, finish the Coors Light, get another Coors Light going. Now there’s a bunch of people around, so I’m throwing shots at everybody and I’m taking shots with everyone in the room. The next Coors Light is down, I got a cold one. Now it’s about maybe 20 minutes before going on. I’ve had three or four shots of Jager and three Coors Lights. Then they sort of clear the room and we get 15 minutes to ourselves… And it’s like, it’s time to walk to the stage, so I crack another beer just to have a cold one as I walk up and I pick up the bottle and drink the last inch of the Jag!”

Some fans have commented it’s hard to believe Grohl can still get on stage and perform at the level he does, but to Grohl, it’s just the way he’s always done things and doesn’t plan to change it. Loudwire reported that Grohl says he keeps drinking Jagermeister during the show, and anyone that has seen him live can vouch for that. How much he drinks when performing from the pre-concert ritual until he is down for the night is anyone’s guess. Grohl isn’t even sure himself.

Grohl says he has a good time and disclosed in his interview with 95.5 WKLOS that it’s all in fun and he only tends to go nuts like that on tour. The bottom line is Grohl still parties like a rock star and puts on three-hour shows that never seem to disappoint.

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