‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Oscar’s Got Everybody Worried And Brad’s Panic Continues

Oscar ultimately reaches out to someone somewhat unexpected to talk about his illness on Wednesday's 'General Hospital'

Eden McCoy and Garrett Stitt of 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

Oscar ultimately reaches out to someone somewhat unexpected to talk about his illness on Wednesday's 'General Hospital'

The latest General Hospital spoilers suggest that Oscar’s frustration over how his illness has been handled will cause a lot of worry throughout Port Charles. He is understandably upset with both of his parents, and this will carry over into Wednesday’s episode.

The latest sneak peek shared via Twitter shows that Cameron and Josslyn will connect — and it looks like he’ll still be flustered about what he knows of Oscar’s condition. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Joss will be able to tell that something is up, and that she’ll beg Cam to tell her what’s going on. At this point, however, it sounds as if Cam will honor Oscar’s request –and keep what he knows to himself.

Kim and Drew will be worried about Oscar, given how upset he was when he left them, and General Hospital spoilers detail that they’ll reach out to Chase for help. Chase will ask if there’s anybody that they can think of who the teen would go to for support, and they’ll likely admit that the circle of possibilities is pretty small.

SheKnows Soaps details that Kim and Drew will end up pulling an all-nighter together, and it seems that this will come as they grow increasingly worried over their son and scramble to figure out where he is. Luckily, it looks like the teen will be in good hands, as he appears to end up talking with his Uncle Jason.

Viewers will have to tune in to see how Oscar ends up with Jason — whether he chooses to go find him specifically, or just happens to cross paths with him. In any case, the teen apparently decides that he needs to open up to somebody about his health situation and his feelings about it. It looks like he’ll decide to trust his uncle with what he needs to say.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Anna will try to get Finn to admit that he cares more deeply for his father than he wants to acknowledge. Finn has been angry with his father for many years, but he couldn’t cast him aside when he learned that his father is ill. Anna can tell that there is room for this difficult relationship to be mended — at least to a degree — and it looks like she’ll do her best to facilitate that.

Brad is frantic over how Wiley’s heart condition could prompt questions that he doesn’t want to have to answer, and he rushed to Julian for help. Of course, Julian doesn’t know that the baby is actually Michael and Nelle’s, so he may be perplexed by Brad’s level of panic.

Julian will try to help to the extent he can, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that Brad will have a hard time focusing on what will work best. He’ll worry that whatever they do will come back to bite them and Julian will seemingly grow frustrated by his son-in-law.

Wednesday’s episode will also include a bit of Sam, Alexis, and Kristina, and General Hospital spoilers tease that there’s plenty of drama on the way as the week continues. Fans are anxious to see the truth about Wiley emerge, and teasers suggest that big developments are on the way throughout the fall.