Gisele Confesses That She Contemplated Suicide In New Tell-All Book: ‘I Felt I Couldn’t Breathe’

She may live a glamorous life now, but it wasn’t always easy for Gisele.

Currently, the supermodel seems like she is on top of the world with both her career life and her family life. As fans know, she is married to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and together they share two beautiful children. She has millions of followers on Instagram and has earned millions of dollars in her career but Radar Online recently obtained a copy of her new book, where she recalls her severe anxiety at the beginning of her career.

In her upcoming book titled Lessons: My Path To A Meaningful Life, Gisele admits to readers that in her early 20s, her modeling career took a toll on her. In 2003, Gisele recalls intense anxiety attacks that happened every time she was traveling on planes, calling them “intense” and nonstop.

“When I got back to New York, this new fear found other ways to show itself. It was as if it were moving from place to place, thing to thing, room to room,” the supermodel shared. “Suddenly I didn’t feel right about getting on elevators. I felt I couldn’t breathe.”

“Inevitably when I think back to a time in my early twenties, I remember that I felt so helpless that I questioned whether I wanted to live.”

The 36-year-old said that at one point, things got so bad that she basically just felt like she was an animal that was trapped inside of a cage. She ended up enlisting the help of two doctors to help get her out of the rut. They put her on a breathing machine to try and help with the constant panic attacks and when that didn’t work, they prescribed her Xanax. But, Brady’s wife says that she didn’t want to become dependent on pills so she threw them in the garbage.

“Along with not knowing I was on a hamster wheel, I didn’t understand that I was also basically relying on stimulants and depressants to get me through the day.”

In addition to coffee getting her through the start of her morning, the Brazilian-born model says that she relied on cigarettes and drinking to get her through the rest of her day. Since her career was so demanding and grueling, Gisele said that she needed to rely on bad things to help to get her through her day.

In the excerpt from the book that was obtained by the news outlet, they do not share what helped Gisele get past the dark time in her life, leaving readers with a cliffhanger.

Gisele’s book hits shelves October 2.

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