‘Big Brother’s’ Kaitlyn Herman On Tyler’s ‘Trusting Eyes’ And The Moment She Knew She Knew Her Game Was Over

The evicted 'BB20' houseguest explains how she Final 3 player Tyler Crispen manipulated her.

Kaitlyn Herman of Big Brother 20
Sonja Flemming / CBS

The evicted 'BB20' houseguest explains how she Final 3 player Tyler Crispen manipulated her.

As the Big Brother season 20 finale approaches, the pre-jury evictees have some definite opinions on the gameplay they witnessed between final 3 players Kaycee Clark, JC Mounduix, and Tyler Crispen. And when it comes to Crispen, one ex-player is particularly salty.

Kaitlyn Herman, the California-based life coach who got sucked in by Crispen’s good looks and charm, told the Hollywood Reporter that had she stayed in the game, she would have eventually realized that Tyler had been lying to her about his feelings for her and his gameplay, and that she would have soon put him up for eviction. Herman admitted that Crispen has a secret power that made everyone trust him—and it wasn’t his unused “cloud” power app.

“He has the most trusting eyes. That’s the problem. “

Herman also called Crispen out for manipulating her during the game.

“We all know what Tyler did to me on an emotional level. He didn’t have to do that. He didn’t have to pretend he was in love with me to get me to make moves.”

Still, Herman, who has gone on record as questioning Crispen’s later showmance with Angela Rummans, now says that she is not jealous of the Big Brother couple.

“I’m such a fan of love and there are really no hard feelings,” Herman told THR. “The relationship between Angela and Tyler is very genuine. Tyler has changed since being with Angela.”

Big Brother showmance Angela and Tyler
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As for Herman’s own Big Brother game, it was cut short when she failed to win a Bonus Life competition. The competition consisted of a simple, seven-piece puzzle that Herman was tasked with completing in two minutes. Big Brother host Julie Chen even told Entertainment Weekly, “We had production assistants do the puzzle and most got it with 45 seconds.”

But Kaitlyn Herman choked under pressure and ultimately lost her chance to return to the Big Brother game moments after being evicted. Herman told THR her failure to win the mini comp was “truly one of the most embarrassing moments to look back on” regarding her Big Brother experience. She also explained what went wrong with the fast-paced challenge.

“People think it was so easy, but it was live television and right before the vote Tyler told me I was not staying. I was sitting on that couch and I knew what was going to happen. And then you see a plus one on the screen and I fell to the ground because I thought it meant that I got to stay. I didn’t think I needed to do anything. Then you have to go upstairs and complete it and you have a one-minute commercial break where production is telling you the rules, but you’re not really sure what the rules are. I’ll never forget the moment where I put everything under the glass door and I go to lift it and I feel this voice and energy saying, ‘Stop. This is not for you anymore.’ And you see me stop. I wasn’t meant to be there anymore.”

Kaitlyn Herman was evicted early in the Big Brother game, so she won’t be part of the jury that decides the winner of the show’s landmark 20th season. Still, if she was a juror and Tyler Crispen was to make it to the Final 2, Herman says he wouldn’t get her vote.

“The person who is most deserving is Kaycee,” Herman told THR. “She laid low in the beginning and was so kind to everyone. Tyler manipulated me on an emotional level and a game level. ”

The Big Brother season finale airs Wednesday, Sept. 26 on CBS.