Top 10 Actors To Replace Ben Affleck In ‘Batman’

There are whispers in superhero hideaways and in Hollywood that Ben Affleck is leaving his role as Batman. While many actors have played the caped crusader, there are a few who would be truly excellent in the role. Screen Rant has compiled a list of who the most likely actors to take on the role would be.

The movie is scheduled to start filming early next year, but Affleck has just entered rehab for addiction issues, indicating he may not be ready to don the cape and cowl again.

Here are a few top picks to play Bruce Wayne in Matt Reeves’ upcoming film.

Chiwetel Ejiofor is a standout selection. He’s already won acclaim in a comic book role – he portrayed Baron Mordo in Doctor Strange. He’s proven in other roles that he has the chops to be a leading man in this new film.

Another member of the superhero world who could take on the role is Oscar Isaac. Isaac has played a villain in X-Men: Apocalypse, but that won’t be held against him. He has shown he has the charisma necessary for the role in other films, like Inside Llewyn Davis.

Fresh off the success of two huge hits, Crazy Rich Asians and A Simple Favor, Henry Golding could be a solid choice to play Batman. It would be great to see DC shake things up by casting their first Asian Batman, and Golding has the heat to really make it work.

Luke Evans has mainly caught audiences attention playing villains and scumbags in films like the Fast and Furious franchise, but a turn as a tormented hero might give him the chance to show off his leading man chops.

Jake Gyllenhaal seems like he would have been a great choice a few years ago, and unsurprisingly – he still is. He can handle a blockbuster or a quiet drama with equal aplomb, and would bring good depth to the role.

Ben Affleck at the Justice League premier in 2017. He has reportedly entered rehab for addiction.

Although most people are clamoring for John Krasinski to play the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards, if that doesn’t work out, he would be a solid pick for Batman. He has the stamina and acting chops to pull off the role.

Other top picks include Mahershala Ali, who’s received critical acclaim for his work on another comic book series, Luke Cage. But don’t forget Michael B. Jordan, who was incredible in Black Panther.

There are many great actors who could handle the role, like John Cho, Armie Hammer, Sterling K. Brown, or Kit Harington. Hopefully, one of those listed gets the role, or a totally new face stuns us in the new movie.