‘Big Brother UK’ Gets Steamy With Brooke Berry & Sian Hamshaw’s Bathtime Ritual

Jeff SpicerGetty Images

Big Brother is about to wrap up its 20th season in the United States, but the UK version of the voyeuristic reality show is just getting started. And it looks like things are already getting racy across the pond.

As fans of the Channel 5 reality show know, Big Brother UK stars Brooke Berry and Sian Hamshaw have already formed a close bond in the house. The lookalike duo spontaneously performed an acapella make-up song with fellow housemate Kenaley — as featured on Twitter — and they even went into TMI territory when they dished about getting their periods together.

But the blonde Big Brother besties recently took things to a surprising new level, according to The Mirror. In what is being described as an “x-rated moment,” Brooke helped Sian in the bathtub by shaving her legs. Of course, Sian was naked –but covered with bubbles — as Brooke convinced Sian to let her help Sian with her bath time beauty routine. The suggestion reportedly prompted giggles among the two women, but Brooke finally gave her pal a super close shave as the cameras rolled.

After their bath time bonding, the Big Brother U.K. stars got cozy on the sofa, causing some fans to wonder if this friendship will soon turn into something more.

Shaving seems to be a “thing” on Big Brother, although this particular ritual was a bit more intimate than viewers usually see.

On the 18th season of the American version of Big Brother, pals Paul Abrahamian and Paulie Calafiore took their “friendship” to the next level when they got a hold of some clippers. Paul gave Paulie a shaved haircut as his upset girlfriend Zakiyah Everette watched in horror. The two bros sported identical mohawks for a short time, but Zakiyah definitely wasn’t a fan. On Season 8 of Big Brother, contestant Nick Starcevic also shaved his head into a mohawk style, per CBS.

And earlier this season on the CBS reality show, fans may recall that now-ousted houseguest Rachel Swindler shaved housemate J.C. Mounduix’s back. Swindler has been out of the Big Brother house for a while — but Mounduix is still there as a finalist, so he may be due for a trim about now.

Of course, with Big Brother U.K. just starting out, things are bound to get steamier than a shave in the tub as the houseguests get to know one another, so stay tuned.

Big Brother U.K. airs on Channel 5.