Falcon Attacks Falcon: ‘Avengers’ Anthony Mackie Goes Off On Atlanta Fan For Disrepecting Saints

It was a high-scoring affair between new NFC South rivals and it ended with the New Orleans Saints winning by a score of 43-37 over the Atlanta Falcons in overtime. The game was back and forth throughout and brought out some of the biggest fans to the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, and that included actor Anthony Mackie. While enjoying the big win, the man who plays Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe had to become a NOLA hero and put a Falcon fan in his place.

The game was a great one and the stadium was rocking throughout, but that is always the case between the Saints and Falcons. No matter if they’re in Atlanta or New Orleans, some of the most hardcore football fans are there to show their allegiance in one of the NFL’s greatest rivalries.

No matter where the game is played, the fans of either team travel really well and NOLA fans headed to Atlanta this past weekend. Some may not realize it, but Anthony Mackie is a New Orleans native and he was at the game on Sunday, wearing his Saints’ jersey and showing his support for his team.

As reported by Total Pro Sports, one fan of the Atlanta Falcons spotted Mackie at the game and decided to call him out. The fan probably didn’t think that Mackie would pay him any mind, but he certainly couldn’t have predicted that a member of The Avengers would put him in his place.

In typical fashion, the fan kept screaming “Rise Up” as virtually all Atlanta Falcons’ fans usually do. He wanted to let the world know that whether you’re a celebrity or not, you respect the Falcons when heading into Atlanta.

Mackie, wearing a Saints’ jersey, kept his back to the fan for a little while but soon decided to get some words in. The Marvel actor turned it into more of a respect discussion than just a support of one team or another.

The actor began letting the fan know that he was disrespecting his father by not being a better man. It’s obvious by the look on the face of the Atlanta fan that he was not expecting to be calmly told off by Anthony Mackie on that day.

When it comes to NFL rivalries, one of the greatest in the league is that between the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons. There are always heated exchanges, big-time plays, and fans looking to out-cheer the opposing supporters. This past Sunday, a Falcons’ fan not only watched his team lose to the Saints, but he also lost an argument with Anthony Mackie, the man known as Falcon of The Avengers.

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