Prince William And Prince Harry Enjoy Sweet Relationship With Grandma Queen Elizabeth II

Chris JacksonGetty Images

While she seems unapproachable to many, Queen Elizabeth II shares a sweet relationship with her grandsons Prince William and Prince Harry.

According to a Bustle report, the brothers share a good time with their granny, and respect her in public and in private. Recently, Harry admitted that bumping into his grandma can cause him to panic at times, as the Inquisitr details.

In 2012, Prince William told U.S. reporter Katie Couric, “I still think she’s just my grandmother, really. I’m probably a bit of a cheeky grandson, like my brother as well. We both take the mickey a bit too much. But I remember always having a healthy respect for my grandmother.”

While in public they treat her with deference, William said, “Behind closed doors, she’s our grandmother, it’s as simple as that.”

While she can be far busier than a typical grandma, the princes still manage to spend time with her when they’re in the same place at the same time. Even so, Harry told a group of students from the Carribean, “You guys have spent way more time in Buckingham Palace than I ever have — and you’ve only been here two weeks. Have you bumped into the Queen yet? If you suddenly bump into her in the corridor, don’t panic. I know you will. We all do!”

Both brothers appear to show proper behavior and manners when in their grandmother’s presence. Additionally, when present with their wives, they try to follow the same precedent that the Queen set with her husband — Prince Phillip — refraining from holding hands or giving public displays of affection. However, Meghan Markle has often reached out for Harry’s hand during their time as newlyweds, and the Duchess of Sussex’s affectionate displays have made numerous headlines over the course of time that has passed since their royal wedding.

During the BBC documentary Diana, 7 Days, Prince William described his grandma’s protectiveness towards her grandsons in the wake of their mother’s tragic death more than 21 years ago.

He recounted that Queen Elizabeth II kept the newspapers out of the house to protect the brothers. They weren’t quite aware of all that went on during that tumultuous time because of their grandmother’s care.

As for Prince Harry, in Elizabeth At 90 – A Family Tribute he admitted that even though she is his grandma, he still views her as his Queen — and ultimately, his boss.

It’s safe to say, though, that Princes William and Harry enjoy a special relationship with Queen Elizabeth II.

Tonight the Queen Of The World documentary from ITV will air, and more details of their unique relationship may be revealed.