Cher Shades Madonna On Ellen

DON POLLARDAP/ Shutter Stock

Ellen DeGeneres put out additional footage from Cher’s recent visit to her show, on Monday, September 24, and at one point in the previously unreleased recording, the 72-year-old singer takes a shot at Madonna that may have reignited their long-standing feud.

Viewers who tuned in to watch the original telecast of the episode a couple of weeks ago got the see Cher speak on everything from the exercises she does to keep her butt firm, to the time she and Meryl Streep saved a fan’s life. The television audience was also treated to Ellen improvising a rendition of “If I Could Turn Back Time” that she pressured Cher to join in on before the comedic host announced that they had run out of time – in conclusion of the day’s production. The sudden ending strangely came just as the set was prepared for Ellen to introduce Cher to the “5 Second Rule” game.

With the release of the “5 Second Rule” outtake on her EllenTube website, fans who weren’t actually in the studio on that day may now witness how the 4:45-long segment went down off the air. In addition to getting a rise out of her playfully calling Ellen the b-word, and suggesting that prostituting would be a quick way to earn a buck – those in attendance for the live recording got to hear Cher’s response to being asked what three celebs she would most want to do a duet with.

“Oh… Adele, Pink, and, uh… um, not Madonna,” she’d reply. Upon being reminded that the challenge was to name artists she’d like to work alongside and not the ones she’d rather not collaborate with, Cher reasoned that she simply “took a little license” is all.

While the press widely reported the assumption that Cher and Madonna had made amends after photographs from the 2017 Women’s March appeared to show them hanging out with one another, the disdain that Cher has publically acknowledged having for the Material Girl is well documented.

As recently as 2012 Cher was going viral with a tweet that she published to mock the title of her 60-year-old counterpart’s 12th studio album, Mdna. Those who were around and old enough to remember the past couple of decades may have immediately been able to make the connection between the Twitter post and the pattern of critical remarks Cher has made since declaring her disfavor for Madonna during a 1991 interview on CBS.

“There’s something about her that I don’t like. She’s… mean. I don’t like that,” Cher told Steve Kmetko at the time.