Walt Disney World Introducing Date-Based Pricing For Multi-Day Tickets

A couple of years ago, the Walt Disney World Resort changed up things with their one-day tickets to have pricing change based on the time of year. Now, they are about to have the same thing done to all of their multi-day tickets as well and it starts very soon. On Monday, Disney revealed that by mid-October, all of their theme park tickets will have date-based pricing to help even things out and spread crowds around throughout the year.

Disney is always looking for different ways to make the theme park and vacation experience better for their guests. They have heard the comments of many who believe that there are "no slow times" at Walt Disney World anymore, but they may have come up with a way for that to be rectified.

On Monday, the Disney Parks Blog announced that beginning on October 16, 2018, all tickets for Walt Disney World will move to date-based pricing.

This will make it so that park tickets are going to cost different amounts at different times of the year. For times considered "Peak" during each year, tickets are going to cost a bit more. For those times of the year which are seen as "Value," tickets will cost a little less.

The idea is that crowds will now be spread around more and allow for parks to be less crowded if guests are willing to pay for it.

Essentially, this means that tickets will cost a bit more during peak seasons and that will likely have some guests re-thinking paying the higher cost. In turn, this would make the park a bit less crowded and have things a bit more manageable for the guests who are there.

During value seasons, the parks are expected to be more crowded and have a number of more guests in the parks. With the date-based pricing and going off of the research that Disney does, it means the parks will have more people in them, but guests will pay less for their tickets.

Calendars are going to be made available by Disney to show guests how much they would pay for different amounts of park days before actually buying. With that option, they will be able to check out different dates, add park hoppers, and play around with things to see what works best for their budgets.

The Disney Parks are always looking for new ways to make the vacation experience magical and unique for all guests. They also want to make sure that guests have ways of making trips happen as nothing is cheap in this world any longer. Date-based pricing for all tickets on all (one-day and multi-day) at Walt Disney World will now allow guests to find times that are either affordable for them or less crowded and more to their liking.