Netflix Releases List Of Spooky Movies To Watch This October To Gear Up For Halloween

Michael ReganGetty Images

Bust out the popcorn and Halloween candy and get ready to binge watch some spooky films.

Today, Netflix released a series of movies that you can stream this October to get you ready for Halloween and everything that comes along with it. According to Comicbook, the list is composed of many titles including new movies coming in October, current movies, and even a few Netflix originals.

Below is a list of “Netflix and Chills” movies that you can stream in the comfort of your own home.

Hold the Dark — Available to stream on September 28

This Netflix original film follows the deaths of three children that are thought to have been killed by wolves. According to, the film stars Alexander Skarsgard.

The Shining — Available to stream on October 1

If the line “here’s Johnny” isn’t enough to send chills down your spine then we don’t know what is.

Truth or Dare — Available to stream on October 3

Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey star in this thriller where a game of “truth or dare” turns deadly. According to, it was originally released in theaters last April.

Creeped Out — Available to stream on October 4 explains this series the best.

Creeped Out is a series of spellbinding, enchanting and intriguing tales. Each episode is a different story set in a different place and time, with different characters exploring their way through the unexplained.”

The Haunting Of Molly Hartley —Available to stream on October 4

This flick from 2008 follows the story of a girl with PTSD who tries to get a fresh start at a new school but is haunted by not only bullying but also the supernatural, per IMDB.

Malevolent — Available to stream on October 5

“Brother and sister team Angela (Florence Pugh) and Jackson (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) are nothing more than scam artists. Preying on the grief stricken and the vulnerable, they convince the bereaved that Angela has the ability to contact the dead. It’s a simple con, until Mrs. Green (Celia Imrie) summons the pair to her home — the orphanage that was once stage to a string of murders of young girls — and Angela grows less and less certain of what’s actually real,” Comicbook says.

Apostle — Available to stream on October 10

Here’s another new Netflix film. According to IMDB, it is based on a brother who tries to save his sister who was kidnapped by a religious cult.

The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell Available to stream on October 12

If you like to bake then you’ll love this. Christine McConnell invites viewers into her home to whip up spooky treats.

The Haunting of Hill House — Available to stream on October 12

Believe it or not, this Netflix original film is based on the book The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.

The Haunted — Available to stream on October 19

According to People, The Haunted is brought to you by the Executive Producers of The Purge and Haunted, following first hand accounts from people who have witnessed really creepy things.

Castlevania: Season 2 Available to stream on October 26

This is the second season of the Netflix animated show.

“A vampire hunter fights to save a besieged city from an army of otherworldly creatures controlled by Dracula,” IMDB explains.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Available to stream on October 26

This Netflix original series is based on Sabrina from Archie comics. If it’s anything like Riverdale, then it’s sure to be a hit.