‘General Hospital’ Actress Cassandra James Teases Big Things To Come For Dr. Terry Randolph

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Cassandra James popped up in Port Charles a while back — and she is finally starting to get a storyline on General Hospital. James’ character of Dr. Terry Randolph was described as a childhood friend of Elizabeth’s (who gave Liz her first kiss), and the character is echoing the actress’ real-life experience as a transgender woman. Terry hadn’t been seen much after her initial appearance over the summer, but now it looks as if she’ll be integral in working with Oscar’s illness.

General Hospital did touch on the fact that Terry is a transgender woman when Cassandra James first appeared in Port Charles, but it hasn’t been referenced in an ongoing manner in any sense since then. While her character back-story is likely to come up again in a future storyline, right now James’ character is primarily involved in a medical capacity, tending to Oscar and his sickness.

Recently, James shared a selfie via Twitter from the set of General Hospital. She said she was feeling soft and pretty on the set — and it looks like she was heading into filming during this photo from a month or so ago.

Another recent tweet referring to her General Hospital gig had Cassandra teasing about the potential of a romantic storyline for her character down the road. One follower had shared a post to Twitter, saying that at least viewers knew that Liz and Terry wouldn’t be fighting over a man anytime soon.

James replied, asking why not.

The General Hospital star added that one should never say never — and the person who originally posted the tweet replied with an “oh my.” The Twitter user in question, however, added that she hoped that the writers would do better for Terry than someone like Franco — Liz’s current fiance.

So far, there haven’t been any hints of an upcoming romance for Terry. However, it certainly seems like something the writers would want to explore at some point.

Randolph’s specialty as a pediatric oncologist is obviously the primary way that the writers plan to utilize Cassandra for now. In terms of storyline possibilities further down the road, some fans have wondered if the recent conflict with Liz’s son Aiden might eventually navigate toward a storyline seeing Aiden come out as transgendered. Terry could be construed as being a key resource in working through such a situation.

For now, it looks like Cassandra James’ character of Dr. Terry Randolph will be primarily used in scenes revolving around Oscar and his cancer battle. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that there could be a lot more coming up for this character in the months ahead, and fans will be anxious to see how the writers decide to utilize and develop this relatively new cast member.