Mackenzie Ziegler Of ‘Dance Moms’ Just Launched Her Own Makeup Line At The Age Of 14

Presley AnnGetty

Mackenzie Ziegler first stole television audiences hearts at the tender age of seven, when she first appeared as one of the main stars on Lifetime’s Dance Moms. Her one-liners and acrobatic skills quickly captured America’s attention as the child cartwheeled her way to fame. Her superstar sister, Maddie Ziegler, starred alongside her and is now a major name in the entertainment industry. The girls themselves are a dynamic duo — but both have achieved individual success following the series finale of Dance Moms.

Mackenzie Ziegler is continuing to defy expectations with the drop of her new makeup line, “Love, Kenzie”. In an interview with Teen Vogue, it seems that the fourteen-year-old really knows her stuff when it comes to beauty products. “I’m really obsessed with highlighters, and I made sure all of the products are very pigmented and don’t have fall out or anything,” the teenager said. The line was reportedly inspired by the teen’s friends and her own love of all things beauty.

Kenzie’s Instagram is full of dazzling selfies that show off the teen’s knowledge, and skill, with regards to makeup. In fact, Kenzie even admitted to using her own line secretly on herself for months — saying that she channeled Rihanna for that idea. Kenzie claims that Maddie Ziegler helped her find her love of makeup.

“My sister started doing my makeup at competitions when she was six or seven, which is crazy that she would do my full competition makeup… I started to learn, and I kind of wanted to do it myself because I didn’t want my sister to touch my face at 7 a.m. in the morning. So I started to get into and I loved it so much.”

According to Kenzie, her older sister is “into” the products. This probably came as a huge relief to the teen star, as she has been quoted as saying that she values Maddie’s opinion.

Kenzie’s personal touch is all over the makeup line. Some of the products are reportedly named after friends. The line includes eyeshadow palettes, blush palettes, lip glosses, and highlighters — the latter of which is Kenzie’s favorite makeup item. The colors are super youthful and dainty, but promise a lot of impact with high pigment.

Mackenzie Ziegler has a multitude of other successes to keep her propelled for the next few years. With an impressive music career –and a book under her belt — it seems that the little star is just getting started on world domination. She often speaks out about the importance of positivity, self-love, and girl power. With over 11.3 million Instagram followers, Mackenzie Ziegler is proving that she is not just another child-star fade out. Modeling, dancing, acting, writing, and now taking over the beauty world?

It looks like Kenzie’s got it.